24Sep 2018
How to Make Your Own Indoor Succulent Garden

If you like the idea of having plants around, but you either don’t have the time for high-maintenance plants or you simply haven’t had good luck with plants in the past, a succulent garden is both easy to care for and visually attractive. Thanks to the wide variety of forms and colors succulent plants come […]

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06Aug 2018
How to Make a Beautiful Summer Table Centerpiece

Summer is the season when gardens come alive with abundance and the farmer’s markets and bodegas are full of beautiful varieties of cut flowers for sale. Putting together a centerpiece is a great way to bring some outdoor charm indoors to enjoy, whether you’re hosting a party or would just like to indulge yourself. With […]

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17Jul 2018
You Are My Sunshine

The summer months offer a beautiful array of colorful flowers in bloom from vibrant sunflowers and marigolds, to fun and eclectic array of summer wild flowers such as nigella, yarrow, and celosia. Summer floral bouquets are a wonderful addition to freshen up your home or office. Unfortunately, amidst the warm summer months the delicate flowers […]

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02May 2018
How to Host the Perfect Summer Party in the Hamptons

Going to the Hamptons to enjoy the summer, especially after a winter that doesn’t know when it’s outstayed its welcome, is a quintessentially New York escape. If you’re already contemplating your summer party, no doubt you’re anxious to make sure every detail is perfect. Hosting a perfect party depends on the thought and effort you […]

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30Jan 2018
Tools of the Trade – What Professional Florists Use

Have you had the frustrating experience of buying beautiful flowers from the farmer’s market and not being able to turn them into the bouquet you envisioned once you’ve gotten them home? Chances are, a big part of the problem is the materials you have (or don’t have!) to work with. An essential part of creating […]

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15Jan 2018
How to Make Your Own Boutonniere

Wearing a boutonniere is usually associated with special events like a wedding or other formal occasion. A florist’s boutonniere for such an event may be quite elaborate, giving the impression that they’re difficult to create. However, once upon a time, men routinely wore flowers on their lapels, and it’s not as hard as you might […]

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13Dec 2017
Bringing Baby’s Breath Back

Gypsophila, commonly known as baby’s breath, is a flower that until recently has been an unfortunate victim of its own success. These light stems, each of which has dozens of tiny white or pink blossoms, were once used as a filler flower just about everywhere you turned, from bouquets to boutonnieres to corsages. This gave […]

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02Oct 2017
How to Create a Simple DIY Bouquet

Professionally arranged flowers are a treat everyone enjoys, but few of us regularly indulge ourselves in these works of beauty and artistry. However, you don’t have to forgo the pleasure of having fresh flowers around just because you don’t have the time or budget to purchase from a florist every week. By following a few […]

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