12Dec 2018
Setting the Scene for Your New Year’s Eve Party

When it’s time to bid farewell to the old year and ring in the new, there’s nothing like a party to kick things off in the right spirit. After all, spending time with your favorite people is the best way to start a fresh new year with the right foot forward. Rather than simply holding […]

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10Dec 2018
Top 5 Flowers for Holiday Home Décor

When the holiday season arrives, the spirit of this time of year inspires us to express a festive mood in the way we decorate our homes. Whether we’re planning parties for all our friends and neighbors or just cozying up with our immediate family, we enjoy being surrounded by sparkling lights, greenery, and beautiful decorations […]

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07Dec 2018
The Best Succulents for Your Office

There’s no question that having live plants in your office is a great idea—where better to bring the stress-reducing benefits of plants than to the space where you spend a good chunk of your time working hard? However, offices can represent one of the most challenging environments in which to try to keep a plant […]

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03Dec 2018
The History of Holiday Wreaths

Among the many beautiful sights of the holiday season are wreaths adorning the doors of homes and businesses throughout the city. The brightness of evergreen boughs and seasonal flowers or berries brings cheer to a cityscape that can seem a bit grey as the days shorten and temperatures drop. Although wreaths are most commonly associated […]

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27Aug 2018
Year-Round Flowers for Your Garden

Planting a garden is one of the pleasures of having a yard. When you can ornament the space around your home with flowers, you fill your environment with beautiful sights and scents, enhance the curb appeal of your home, and enjoy the fulfillment of seeing your efforts literally blossom all around you. In areas with […]

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20Aug 2018
Pet-Friendly Plants

Having flowers around your home is a lovely way to dress up your space. Unfortunately, many cats and dogs view indoor greenery and blooms as an invitation to snack, which can have disastrous results if the flower in question is toxic. You may have given up on having floral arrangements in the house out of […]

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13Aug 2018
Keeping Your Flowers Alive on Vacation

Nothing puts a damper on a trip to the beach or a getaway to a cabin in the woods like coming home to discover that your favorite plants didn’t survive your time away. You don’t want to have to replace your African violets or orchids every time you decide to take a vacation, and fortunately, […]

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17Jul 2018
You Are My Sunshine

The summer months offer a beautiful array of colorful flowers in bloom from vibrant sunflowers and marigolds, to fun and eclectic array of summer wild flowers such as nigella, yarrow, and celosia. Summer floral bouquets are a wonderful addition to freshen up your home or office. Unfortunately, amidst the warm summer months the delicate flowers […]

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16Jul 2018
Low-Maintenance Flowers for Your Home and Office

One of the most impactful ways you can enhance the environment of your home or office is to add flowering plants to your décor. They simultaneously beautify and personalize a space, bringing in a welcome touch of the outdoors. Unfortunately, a high-maintenance plant in an indoor environment may not thrive, especially if a busy work […]

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29Jun 2018
Summer Flower Guide

With warmer temperatures and longer days firmly established, summer is prime season for enjoying flowers. Many favorites come into bloom during this time of year, and you’ll have no trouble finding a profusion of healthy blossoms to choose from. Although this is by no means a list of everything you’ll find available, a few you […]

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