23Sep 2019
The Benefits of Office Plants

Urban professionals may spend far more than the typical nine-to-five in the office. Smart companies don’t take this time commitment for granted—they look at ways that they can make their office environment better for their employees to promote well-being and productivity. When you’re looking for ways to improve your workspace, adding plants is a simple […]

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25Jun 2019
Peonies: 4 Things You Need to Know About the Fan-Favorite Flower

Peonies are a popular flower, and there’s no reason to wonder why. With an eye-catching form, a rainbow of natural hues, and lovely scent, this bloom is a natural for wedding flowers, gala arrangements, a romantic bouquet, or a spirit-lifting centerpiece on your kitchen table. While we might associate this blossom with celebrity events today, […]

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20Jun 2019
5 Tips to Throw the Best Independence Day Party

America’s birthday arrives just when we’re all getting into the summer groove, giving us the perfect occasion for celebrating with family and friends. If you’re thinking about hosting a Fourth of July bash, of course you want to create a fun, memorable event for your guests. Here are some of the best ways to make […]

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27Feb 2019
Centerpieces for Your Passover Seder Table

Passover is one of the best-loved and most observed holidays of the Jewish calendar. Unlike other religious observances throughout the year that are held primarily in temple, the central ritual of Passover—the seder—takes place in the home. Many families, even those who may not be religiously observant otherwise, use it as an occasion to gather […]

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20Feb 2019
Welcome Spring into Your Home with These 5 Flowers

After months of cold grey days, the first hint of returning warmth and sunlight can leave us impatient for the time when we can pack away our layers of winter woolens and head out to enjoy a beautiful day in the park again. Although that day may still be weeks away, even the earliest moments […]

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12Dec 2018
Setting the Scene for Your New Year’s Eve Party

When it’s time to bid farewell to the old year and ring in the new, there’s nothing like a party to kick things off in the right spirit. After all, spending time with your favorite people is the best way to start a fresh new year with the right foot forward. Rather than simply holding […]

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10Dec 2018
Top 5 Flowers for Holiday Home Décor

When the holiday season arrives, the spirit of this time of year inspires us to express a festive mood in the way we decorate our homes. Whether we’re planning parties for all our friends and neighbors or just cozying up with our immediate family, we enjoy being surrounded by sparkling lights, greenery, and beautiful decorations […]

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07Dec 2018
The Best Succulents for Your Office

There’s no question that having live plants in your office is a great idea—where better to bring the stress-reducing benefits of plants than to the space where you spend a good chunk of your time working hard? However, offices can represent one of the most challenging environments in which to try to keep a plant […]

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03Dec 2018
The History of Holiday Wreaths

Among the many beautiful sights of the holiday season are wreaths adorning the doors of homes and businesses throughout the city. The brightness of evergreen boughs and seasonal flowers or berries brings cheer to a cityscape that can seem a bit grey as the days shorten and temperatures drop. Although wreaths are most commonly associated […]

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27Aug 2018
Year-Round Flowers for Your Garden

Planting a garden is one of the pleasures of having a yard. When you can ornament the space around your home with flowers, you fill your environment with beautiful sights and scents, enhance the curb appeal of your home, and enjoy the fulfillment of seeing your efforts literally blossom all around you. In areas with […]

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