22Oct 2018
How to Use Flowers at an Outdoor Wedding

The beauty of the outdoors has a timeless appeal for wedding couples. The gorgeous vista of a beach or the serenity of a garden may be the perfect setting for beginning your life together. However, no matter how naturally attractive the location, wedding flowers still play an important role in personalizing your outdoor venue to […]

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08Oct 2018
Color Schemes for Fall Weddings

With the temperatures dropping, the leaves turning, and sweater weather heading our way, autumn is in full swing, bringing with it seasonal celebrations and the promise of the holidays to come. If you’re planning a wedding for this time of year, you may find yourself drawn to—or dreading—the traditional palette of red, yellow, orange, and […]

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04Sep 2018
Ways to Incorporate Flowers in Your Wedding Aisle

A wedding starts in the ceremony space, whether that’s a place of worship, a rooftop terrace, a banquet hall, or a shady clearing in a park. Your guests gather to see two loving people pledge to share their lives together from that day forward. Wedding aisle flowers are a perfect way to set the mood […]

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13Aug 2018
Advice from a Floral Designer – Rachel Cho Floral Design Featured in The Knot Magazine

We were recently featured in the Fall 2018 issue of The Knot magazine. In the article, “Advice from a Floral Designer,” we discuss ways for couples to personalize their flower arrangements, cost-saving tips for couples on a tight floral budget, and ways to repurpose flowers from the ceremony at the reception. Click the link below […]

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22Apr 2018
The Most Luxurious Wedding Floral Designs

A wedding is a time for joy and celebration, a day when we want our surroundings to reflect the beauty of a life begun together. Flowers are a natural part of that, and we’ve all seen wedding floral designs that transcend the ordinary to become truly luxurious. But what does that mean? It’s easy to […]

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12Feb 2018
How to Choose a Look for Your Wedding Table Centerpieces

Table centerpieces are one of the biggest components of wedding floral design, and one that your guests will have plenty of time to contemplate during the reception. Your centerpieces should not only reflect your style, they should also harmonize with your venue and with the overall aesthetic of your wedding. The range of options for […]

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10Jan 2018
How to Pair Your Makeup with Wedding Flowers

Any bride can tell you how much thought and effort goes into every detail of a wedding. Much of that effort goes into planning and bringing together many different elements into an event that expresses your individuality. With each of your vendors working in their particular area of expertise, you may be the only one […]

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22Dec 2017
7 Unique Ways to Use Flowers in Your Wedding

Flowers are a traditional part of wedding décor, but the last thing you want is for your floral design to feel uninspired. One way to add a jolt of creativity is to look for unique takes on flowers, whether that means moving beyond traditional types of arrangements or incorporating unusual flowers or greenery into bouquets […]

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13Dec 2017
Bringing Baby’s Breath Back

Gypsophila, commonly known as baby’s breath, is a flower that until recently has been an unfortunate victim of its own success. These light stems, each of which has dozens of tiny white or pink blossoms, were once used as a filler flower just about everywhere you turned, from bouquets to boutonnieres to corsages. This gave […]

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10Nov 2017
Popular Wedding Styles

When they’re planning their wedding, couples run the gamut from knowing exactly what they want down to the last detail to having only a vague sense of the overall feeling they’d like the day to have. What they all have in common, however, is wanting their ceremony and reception to accurately express who they are […]

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