09Sep 2019
The New Restaurant Decor Trend: Succulent Walls

Dining out is about more than just grabbing a meal, which is why restaurants carefully craft their décor to help create an experience that will bring customers back again and again. Plants can be a vital factor in adding beauty and freshness to an indoor environment. As one of the hottest trends in restaurant décor, […]

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15May 2019
Floral Tips to Complement Your Restaurant’s Décor

In the competitive hospitality industry, there’s no room for error if you want your restaurant to be a success. New York restaurants competing alongside some of the finest establishments in the world need to offer their customers more than just fantastic food—although that part’s not optional! The atmosphere and décor of your restaurant are just […]

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29Mar 2019
Why a Flower Wall Is the Perfect Background for Your Next Event

When you’re planning an event, whether it’s personal or professional, you want the décor to be vibrant and notable, not forgettable. This is why a flower wall is ideal for adding that elusive wow factor to your event. Like any type of floral arrangement, flower walls offer endless options for customization based on the color […]

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06Mar 2019
How to Incorporate Floral Arrangements into Your Corporate Luncheon

Hosting a corporate luncheon blends professional goals with a social atmosphere—you want to provide a welcoming environment while still projecting a polished business image. This makes it especially important to get the details that distinguish an ordinary luncheon from a truly well-planned event right. Flowers are one way you can help elevate the tone of […]

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18Oct 2018
How to Spruce Up Your Hotel with Flowers

In the world of hospitality, it can be tough to make your hotel stand out from the crowd. With every property striving to present the perfect package of service and atmosphere to both attract new guests and encourage loyal customers to return, it’s important to attend to every detail that can help enhance a guest’s […]

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