19Sep 2018
History of the Lei

Gifting a flower lei is one of the most recognizable floral traditions, even for those who have never been to Hawaii. The custom was brought to the island chain by the ancient Polynesians, who navigated across the ocean in sailing canoes to settle there. With them they brought the art of adorning their bodies with […]

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09Mar 2018
How to Decorate a Church Altar with Traditional Easter Flowers

  Easter is the holiest day of the Christian calendar, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. During the long period of Lent preceding the holiday, which most denominations observe as a time of reflection and fasting, many churches avoid using flowers in the church at all, to reflect the solemnity of the season. This makes […]

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17Feb 2018
Storefront Design Ideas for High-End Fashion Brands

  When devotees of high-end fashion shop, they expect the boutiques they frequent to be as extraordinary and eye-catching as the clothing those stores sell. An effective storefront design will attract the notice of potential customers, draw them in, and convey a sense of your brand, all while making your retail space inviting and attractive. […]

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22Jan 2018
Making Your Space More Welcoming – Flower Guide for Hotel/Restaurant Managers

While hotel guests or restaurant goers might not point to floral décor as the primary thing they notice when they visit your establishment, fresh flowers do make a positive impression on everyone who comes in the door. Natural elements like flowers show that you are attentive to your clients’ environment, and they make your space […]

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