08Oct 2018
Color Schemes for Fall Weddings

With the temperatures dropping, the leaves turning, and sweater weather heading our way, autumn is in full swing, bringing with it seasonal celebrations and the promise of the holidays to come. If you’re planning a wedding for this time of year, you may find yourself drawn to—or dreading—the traditional palette of red, yellow, orange, and […]

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24Sep 2018
How to Make Your Own Indoor Succulent Garden

If you like the idea of having plants around, but you either don’t have the time for high-maintenance plants or you simply haven’t had good luck with plants in the past, a succulent garden is both easy to care for and visually attractive. Thanks to the wide variety of forms and colors succulent plants come […]

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19Sep 2018
History of the Lei

Gifting a flower lei is one of the most recognizable floral traditions, even for those who have never been to Hawaii. The custom was brought to the island chain by the ancient Polynesians, who navigated across the ocean in sailing canoes to settle there. With them they brought the art of adorning their bodies with […]

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04Sep 2018
Ways to Incorporate Flowers in Your Wedding Aisle

A wedding starts in the ceremony space, whether that’s a place of worship, a rooftop terrace, a banquet hall, or a shady clearing in a park. Your guests gather to see two loving people pledge to share their lives together from that day forward. Wedding aisle flowers are a perfect way to set the mood […]

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27Aug 2018
Year-Round Flowers for Your Garden

Planting a garden is one of the pleasures of having a yard. When you can ornament the space around your home with flowers, you fill your environment with beautiful sights and scents, enhance the curb appeal of your home, and enjoy the fulfillment of seeing your efforts literally blossom all around you. In areas with […]

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20Aug 2018
Pet-Friendly Plants

Having flowers around your home is a lovely way to dress up your space. Unfortunately, many cats and dogs view indoor greenery and blooms as an invitation to snack, which can have disastrous results if the flower in question is toxic. You may have given up on having floral arrangements in the house out of […]

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13Aug 2018
Advice from a Floral Designer – Rachel Cho Floral Design Featured in The Knot Magazine

We were recently featured in the Fall 2018 issue of The Knot magazine. In the article, “Advice from a Floral Designer,” we discuss ways for couples to personalize their flower arrangements, cost-saving tips for couples on a tight floral budget, and ways to repurpose flowers from the ceremony at the reception. Click the link below […]

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13Aug 2018
Keeping Your Flowers Alive on Vacation

Nothing puts a damper on a trip to the beach or a getaway to a cabin in the woods like coming home to discover that your favorite plants didn’t survive your time away. You don’t want to have to replace your African violets or orchids every time you decide to take a vacation, and fortunately, […]

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06Aug 2018
How to Make a Beautiful Summer Table Centerpiece

Summer is the season when gardens come alive with abundance and the farmer’s markets and bodegas are full of beautiful varieties of cut flowers for sale. Putting together a centerpiece is a great way to bring some outdoor charm indoors to enjoy, whether you’re hosting a party or would just like to indulge yourself. With […]

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30Jul 2018
Three Messages to Say with Flowers

There’s a long tradition across many cultures of using flowers to mark significant life events. This isn’t simply because flowers are beautiful—it’s because gifts of flowers convey a message as well. In fact, you can find both eastern and western folklore assigning meanings to individual flowers, which have often been used to add layers of […]

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