16Oct 2019
Are Flowers a Good Birthday Gift?

Honoring someone’s birthday, whether they’re a family member or close friend, can be a challenge when you don’t know what to get them. Sometimes we make this process too difficult for ourselves, though, because we...

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09Oct 2019
How to Apologize: 5 Tips for a Sincere and Effective Apology

Nobody’s perfect. Inevitably we all end up doing something that hurts or offends someone we care about, often unintentionally. When we’re in the position of having to own up to a mistake and apologize to...

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01Oct 2019
Long Lasting Flower Arrangements for the Fall

When you’re enjoying the return of sweater weather and the hint of crispness in the autumn air, you might not automatically think of flowers. After all, we traditionally associate spring and summer with the most...

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23Sep 2019
The Benefits of Office Plants

Urban professionals may spend far more than the typical nine-to-five in the office. Smart companies don’t take this time commitment for granted—they look at ways that they can make their office environment better for their...

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16Sep 2019
7 Types of Flower Bouquets

Floral design isn’t simply about choosing the type and color of flowers you want. How those flowers are combined and arranged produces a dramatic difference in the overall effect and style you achieve. One area...

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09Sep 2019
The New Restaurant Decor Trend: Succulent Walls

Dining out is about more than just grabbing a meal, which is why restaurants carefully craft their décor to help create an experience that will bring customers back again and again. Plants can be a...

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02Sep 2019
Asters: What Does September’s Birth Flower Mean?

Late September marks the official start of fall, although with temperatures typically in the seventies, it’s a wonderful time to be out enjoying New York’s plethora of parks and outdoor spaces. For those born in...

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23Aug 2019
Learn About August’s Birth Flower: The Poppy

August is the time of year when summer is drawing to a close, and we’re all contemplating life returning to a faster pace: vacations over, school days starting again, and hot days cooling down to...

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16Aug 2019
How to Incorporate Fruit in Flower Arrangements

Adding something unexpected into a flower arrangement, to bring in a fresh element of color, form, or texture, is often the key to transforming the overall effect from beautifully pleasant to eye-catching and original. While...

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09Aug 2019
7 Flowers and Plants to Use for Your Tropical Arrangement

When you’re looking for a floral arrangement that combines bold color, captivating forms, and dramatic size, tropical flowers and foliage are a natural choice. With a variety of unusual shapes and textures, these blooms conjure...

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