23Jul 2018
Tips for Choosing Get-Well Flowers for a Loved One

When a close friend or family member is recovering from an accident, illness, or surgery, flowers are a traditional gift to express our hopes for their speedy recovery. This tradition has a solid foundation in science—flowers have been shown to promote a positive mood and reduce stress, just what someone who isn’t feeling their best […]

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17Jul 2018
You Are My Sunshine

The summer months offer a beautiful array of colorful flowers in bloom from vibrant sunflowers and marigolds, to fun and eclectic array of summer wild flowers such as nigella, yarrow, and celosia. Summer floral bouquets are a wonderful addition to freshen up your home or office. Unfortunately, amidst the warm summer months the delicate flowers […]

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16Jul 2018
Low-Maintenance Flowers for Your Home and Office

One of the most impactful ways you can enhance the environment of your home or office is to add flowering plants to your décor. They simultaneously beautify and personalize a space, bringing in a welcome touch of the outdoors. Unfortunately, a high-maintenance plant in an indoor environment may not thrive, especially if a busy work […]

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09Jul 2018
Plants that Repel Mosquitoes and Other Insects

The summer months bring long, warm days that encourage us to spend more time outdoors. Unfortunately, this is also prime season for mosquitoes and other unwelcome insects. These pests can be more than just an itchy annoyance—mosquito bites are linked to the transmission of the Zika and West Nile viruses, among other diseases. If you […]

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02Jul 2018
Best Flowers for People with Allergies

Allergy sufferers can end up in a love-hate relationship with flowers. The beauty of a bouquet is much easier to enjoy if you’re not worried about pollen triggering a bout of sneezing or giving you red, itchy eyes. Thankfully, there are quite a few floral options to choose from if you’re looking to send flowers […]

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29Jun 2018
Summer Flower Guide

With warmer temperatures and longer days firmly established, summer is prime season for enjoying flowers. Many favorites come into bloom during this time of year, and you’ll have no trouble finding a profusion of healthy blossoms to choose from. Although this is by no means a list of everything you’ll find available, a few you […]

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12Jun 2018
Flowers as a Father’s Day Gift

On the third Sunday of each June, we celebrate Father’s Day, to honor our dads and let them know how much their love and care has meant throughout the year. In the leadup to this annual tradition, though, many of us experience another, less enjoyable annual tradition: wondering what in the world to get a […]

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08May 2018
What Kind of Flowers Should I Give for Mother’s Day?

Every May, we take a day to honor the mothers in our lives and the hard work they do throughout the year. Giving flowers to express our love and appreciation has been part of Mother’s Day since 1907, when Anna Jarvis distributed white carnations, her mother’s favorite flower, to all the mothers in the church […]

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02May 2018
How to Host the Perfect Summer Party in the Hamptons

Going to the Hamptons to enjoy the summer, especially after a winter that doesn’t know when it’s outstayed its welcome, is a quintessentially New York escape. If you’re already contemplating your summer party, no doubt you’re anxious to make sure every detail is perfect. Hosting a perfect party depends on the thought and effort you […]

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22Apr 2018
The Most Luxurious Wedding Floral Designs

A wedding is a time for joy and celebration, a day when we want our surroundings to reflect the beauty of a life begun together. Flowers are a natural part of that, and we’ve all seen wedding floral designs that transcend the ordinary to become truly luxurious. But what does that mean? It’s easy to […]

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