22Apr 2018
The Most Luxurious Wedding Floral Designs

A wedding is a time for joy and celebration, a day when we want our surroundings to reflect the beauty of a life begun together. Flowers are a natural part of that, and we’ve all seen wedding floral designs that transcend the ordinary to become truly luxurious. But what does that mean? It’s easy to […]

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16Apr 2018
Floral Combat for Stress

Everyone has different ways of coping with psychological stress. Whether you go for a run, relax in a hot bath, practice yoga, or take a nap, easing the mind is the ultimate goal. Fortunately, there are many ways to deal with stress and it is completely up to you to discover the practices that work […]

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10Apr 2018
How to Make Your Office More Productive with Flowers

When businesses consider adding flowers to their office, they may think of them only as a decoration to make their space look nice for clients. Believe it or not, although the decorative aspect of how a nice arrangement might make your foyer look is important, that’s the least of the benefits your office can reap […]

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02Apr 2018
What Do Different Flowers Mean?

Many eastern and western cultures have long traditions of associating different flowers with individual meanings. Legends, folklore, and mythology have linked various flowers to ideas such as beauty, remembrance, love, and prosperity. During Victorian times, this “language of flowers” was named floriography, and many published guides instructed people in how to use flowers as a […]

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27Mar 2018
The Best Flowers to Bring for a Passover Seder Host

Spring is a season of religious celebrations. In the Jewish faith, springtime brings Passover, one of the most important celebrations of the year. The tradition of holding a seder, a ritual dinner where the story of the Jewish exodus from Egypt is told, is one that almost all American Jewish families observe in their homes. […]

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25Mar 2018
Spring Flower Guide

Second perhaps only to summer, spring is a season we naturally associate with blooming flowers and abundant nature. In New York, spring typically means emerging from months of cold, grey days and freezing temperatures into gradually lengthening daylight hours. As the weather warms, we start to see the first green buds on the trees and […]

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22Mar 2018
Using Flowers to Celebrate Every Part of a Lifetime

We tend to mark our lives by the big moments that define them. It makes sense—such times are far more memorable than our everyday routine, and they often send us in new and exciting directions or mark significant endings. It’s no wonder that many of these milestones are traditionally linked with sending flowers. Flowers have […]

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09Mar 2018
How to Decorate a Church Altar with Traditional Easter Flowers

  Easter is the holiest day of the Christian calendar, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. During the long period of Lent preceding the holiday, which most denominations observe as a time of reflection and fasting, many churches avoid using flowers in the church at all, to reflect the solemnity of the season. This makes […]

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17Feb 2018
Storefront Design Ideas for High-End Fashion Brands

  When devotees of high-end fashion shop, they expect the boutiques they frequent to be as extraordinary and eye-catching as the clothing those stores sell. An effective storefront design will attract the notice of potential customers, draw them in, and convey a sense of your brand, all while making your retail space inviting and attractive. […]

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12Feb 2018
How to Choose a Look for Your Wedding Table Centerpieces

Table centerpieces are one of the biggest components of wedding floral design, and one that your guests will have plenty of time to contemplate during the reception. Your centerpieces should not only reflect your style, they should also harmonize with your venue and with the overall aesthetic of your wedding. The range of options for […]

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