30Jan 2018
Tools of the Trade – What Professional Florists Use

Have you had the frustrating experience of buying beautiful flowers from the farmer’s market and not being able to turn them into the bouquet you envisioned once you’ve gotten them home? Chances are, a big part of the problem is the materials you have (or don’t have!) to work with. An essential part of creating […]

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22Jan 2018
Making Your Space More Welcoming – Flower Guide for Hotel/Restaurant Managers

While hotel guests or restaurant goers might not point to floral décor as the primary thing they notice when they visit your establishment, fresh flowers do make a positive impression on everyone who comes in the door. Natural elements like flowers show that you are attentive to your clients’ environment, and they make your space […]

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15Jan 2018
How to Make Your Own Boutonniere

Wearing a boutonniere is usually associated with special events like a wedding or other formal occasion. A florist’s boutonniere for such an event may be quite elaborate, giving the impression that they’re difficult to create. However, once upon a time, men routinely wore flowers on their lapels, and it’s not as hard as you might […]

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10Jan 2018
How to Pair Your Makeup with Wedding Flowers

Any bride can tell you how much thought and effort goes into every detail of a wedding. Much of that effort goes into planning and bringing together many different elements into an event that expresses your individuality. With each of your vendors working in their particular area of expertise, you may be the only one […]

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22Dec 2017
7 Unique Ways to Use Flowers in Your Wedding

Flowers are a traditional part of wedding décor, but the last thing you want is for your floral design to feel uninspired. One way to add a jolt of creativity is to look for unique takes on flowers, whether that means moving beyond traditional types of arrangements or incorporating unusual flowers or greenery into bouquets […]

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13Dec 2017
Bringing Baby’s Breath Back

Gypsophila, commonly known as baby’s breath, is a flower that until recently has been an unfortunate victim of its own success. These light stems, each of which has dozens of tiny white or pink blossoms, were once used as a filler flower just about everywhere you turned, from bouquets to boutonnieres to corsages. This gave […]

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08Dec 2017
The Benefits of an Office Flower Subscription

Maintaining a clean, chic, well-decorated office space is essential for good business. It not only offers a comfortable environment for your employees to work in, but it also creates a good first (and ongoing!) impression for your clients. To give your office décor a stylish boost with benefits well beyond appearance, however, you might want […]

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21Nov 2017
Ten Best-Smelling Flowers

Of all of our senses, our sense of smell may be the one with the most direct channel to our emotions. Familiar scents, such as a crisp autumn breeze or freshly baked bread, can conjure up happy memories and influence our mood. This is why I love to include fragrant flowers in my arrangements. While […]

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15Nov 2017
You Need Flowers in These Five Rooms

There’s nothing wrong with putting a vase of flowers on the dining room table, but why stop there?

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10Nov 2017
Popular Wedding Styles

When they’re planning their wedding, couples run the gamut from knowing exactly what they want down to the last detail to having only a vague sense of the overall feeling they’d like the day to have. What they all have in common, however, is wanting their ceremony and reception to accurately express who they are […]

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