30Oct 2017
Apartment and Office Plants That Improve Air Quality

When you put together the hours you spend on the job and at home in the evening, it’s likely that you spend the majority of your time indoors. Unfortunately, the level of airborne pollution indoors (from the chemicals in paint, furniture, and cleaning products) can rival the toxicity of a busy city street. There’s an […]

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20Oct 2017
NYC Spots That Inspire Floral Designs

New York City isn’t just another place to live—its eight and half million residents know that its 300 square miles hold hundreds of years of history, iconic art and architecture, world-famous natural spaces, distinctive neighborhoods, and a unique urban lifestyle that has been celebrated in literature and film. From the most well-known tourist spots to […]

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18Oct 2017
Building a Birch Chuppah (Video)

Time-lapse video of Rachel Cho Floral Design building a birch chuppah for a beautiful wedding in New York. Planning your own wedding? Talk to Rachel Cho about custom floral designs today!

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11Oct 2017
Alternative Ceremony Décor

When couples plan their wedding, they aren’t just planning a party—their ceremony marks the beginning of their life together as a married couple. This special event is meant to be a personal expression of their love and commitment. Great floral design expresses the individuality of the couple, taking into account not only their personal taste […]

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02Oct 2017
How to Create a Simple DIY Bouquet

Professionally arranged flowers are a treat everyone enjoys, but few of us regularly indulge ourselves in these works of beauty and artistry. However, you don’t have to forgo the pleasure of having fresh flowers around just because you don’t have the time or budget to purchase from a florist every week. By following a few […]

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