When you’re in the hospitality business, presentation matters. Potential customers begin to form an opinion about your establishment as soon as they walk in the door, based on the atmosphere your décor sets. Restaurant goers and hotel guests look for signs that they will receive attentive, warm service while they’re in your hands. Including fresh flowers and live plants in your decorating sends an unmistakable message that you care about making your clients’ environment inviting and relaxing, and that you’re on top of the details that transform a pleasant experience into an unforgettable one. Rachel Cho Floral Design works closely with you to create and maintain the ambiance you desire throughout your space, from the entryway to the VIP suite or private dining room.

Unique Designs, Impeccable Service

As New York City’s top professional florist, Rachel Cho Floral Design combines deep expertise and a passion for cutting-edge design with an unparalleled dedication to superior customer service. Whether your venue is modern, historic, or somewhere in between, our design consultants can help you select the ideal flowers and plants and devise the optimal placement for each element to enhance your space. We carefully select from the best blooms of the season to ensure that every arrangement displays peak quality. Our recommendations take into account considerations of customer comfort, plant longevity, and budget to ensure that you’ll achieve the ongoing positive impact you’re looking for. With our convenient delivery service and maintenance plans, you can leave the floral details to us and focus on your patrons.

Rachel Cho Floral Designs is dedicated to helping your business put its best foot forward every day. We’ll craft the unique design that exemplifies your vision with attentive individualized service every step of the way. To put our knowledge and passion to work for you, call us today at (212) 877-2877.