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Non-Traditional Wedding

What is Non-Traditional Wedding?

A wedding that deviates from traditional customs, incorporating unique themes, unconventional venues, or alternative ceremony formats.

What are Napkin Rings?

Decorative rings, often adorned with flowers or greenery, used to hold napkins in place on the reception tables.

What are Nuptials?

The ceremony and celebration of a wedding, encompassing all the flower arrangements, d├ęcor, and floral details.

What is Nigella?

Also known as “Love-in-a-Mist,” these unique flowers feature delicate blooms surrounded by a misty cloud of foliage.

What is Narcissus?

A delicate flower associated with rebirth and new beginnings, often included in spring-themed wedding floral designs.

What is Nosegay?

A small, round bouquet of tightly arranged flowers, often carried by bridesmaids or flower girls.

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