Wedding Arch

A decorative structure or frame often adorned with flowers and greenery, serving as a backdrop for the wedding ceremony.

Wishing Well

A decorative container or receptacle where guests can place cards or monetary gifts as a gesture of well-wishes for the couple.

Wedding Planner

A professional who assists couples in planning and organizing their wedding, including floral arrangements and decor.


A style characterized by playful, imaginative, and fanciful elements, often reflected in unconventional flower choices and creative floral arrangements.


Often used as fillers in bouquets and arrangements, these tiny flowers have clusters of tiny blooms.


A mix of native and natural blooms, creating a charming and free-spirited look in wedding flower arrangements.

Wedding Bouquet

The bride’s floral arrangement, typically carried down the aisle during the ceremony.


A circular arrangement of flowers, foliage, or other decorative elements, often used as a decorative item on doors, walls, or as a centerpiece.

Wedding Flower Products

Floral items and arrangements used to enhance the beauty and ambiance of weddings are known as wedding flower products. A wedding party’s accessories and elements designed to adorn the ceremony and reception space are included in these products.


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