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Zodiac Flowers

What are Zodiac Flowers?

Flowers associated with specific zodiac signs, often used in wedding floral arrangements to incorporate personal symbolism and

What is Zesty?

A term used to describe lively, energetic, or vibrant wedding celebrations, often reflected in colorful floral arrangements and decor.

What is Zebra Grass?

Tall and ornamental grass with striped leaves, used in floral arrangements or as a decorative accent in bohemian-themed weddings.


What is Zen?

A calm and minimalist aesthetic often associated with Asian-inspired weddings, featuring simplicity, balance, and harmony in floral designs.

What is Zantedeschia?

Also known as calla lilies, these elegant flowers are popular in weddings, symbolizing beauty and purity.

What is Zinnia?

A vibrant and colorful flower that adds a lively touch to bouquets and centerpieces.

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