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What is Wedding Bouquet?

The bride’s floral arrangement, typically carried down the aisle during the ceremony.

What is Veil?

A sheer fabric worn by the bride that adds an ethereal and romantic touch to her ensemble, often adorned with floral embellishments.

What is Violet?

Delicate, colorful flowers often used in smaller arrangements or as accent flowers in wedding bouquets and corsages.

What is Jasmine?

Fragrant white flowers often used in bridal bouquets and floral displays, symbolizing love and purity.

What is Iris?

A distinctive flower with striking colors, often incorporated into wedding flower arrangements to add depth and variety.

What is Hyacinth?

Fragrant flowers that come in a variety of colors, adding both visual appeal and a pleasant scent to wedding floral designs.

What is Garter?

A decorative band worn by the bride around her leg, often adorned with lace, ribbons, or a small flower accent.

What is Fascinator?

Guests or bridesmaids wear a headpiece adorned with flowers, feathers, or other decorative elements.

What is Flower Crown?

Flowers and foliage arranged in a wreath-like arrangement worn by the bride or bridesmaids.

What is Bridal Shower?

A pre-wedding celebration hosted for the bride, often featuring floral decorations, gifts, and games.


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