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Quicksand Rose

What is Quicksand Rose?

A soft, sandy-colored rose with delicate petals, often used in elegant and neutral-toned wedding floral designs.

What is Lace Ribbon?

Delicate ribbons with lace patterns that can be used to tie bouquets, wrap vases, or add a vintage touch to floral arrangements.

What are Illuminated Centerpieces?

Floral centerpieces enhanced with lighting elements, such as LED candles or fairy lights, creating a magical effect.

What is Installation?

A large-scale floral arrangement or structure, often suspended from the ceiling or placed on the ground, serving as a centerpiece or focal point at the venue.

What is Head Table?

The main table at a wedding reception, usually decorated with elaborate floral arrangements.

What is Garden Wedding?

An outdoor wedding that takes place in a garden, featuring abundant flowers, lush greenery, and natural surroundings.

What is Dessert Table?

A table dedicated to displaying a variety of desserts, often adorned with flowers and decorative accents.

What is Dendrobium?

A type of orchid often used in wedding flower arrangements due to its graceful appearance and vibrant colors.

What is Dais?

A raised platform, often decorated with flowers, where the couple and the wedding party are seated during the ceremony.

What is Cake Topper?

A small decorative arrangement of flowers or greenery placed on top of the wedding cake.

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