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What is Zesty?

A term used to describe lively, energetic, or vibrant wedding celebrations, often reflected in colorful floral arrangements and decor.

What is Wedding Planner?

A professional who assists couples in planning and organizing their wedding, including floral arrangements and decor.

What is Vow Renewal?

A ceremony where a married couple reaffirms their commitment to each other, often celebrated on a significant anniversary.

What is Unity Ceremony?

A symbolic ritual performed during a wedding ceremony to represent the joining of two individuals and families, often incorporating flowers or floral elements.

What is Ring Bearer Pillow?

A small decorative pillow used to carry the wedding rings down the aisle, often embellished with flowers or lace.

What are Rose Petals?

Fragrant flower petals, often scattered along the aisle or used as confetti for the couple’s exit.

What is Petal Toss?

The act of throwing flower petals, often by guests, as the couple exits the ceremony or during the recessional.

What is Outdoor Ceremony?

A wedding ceremony that takes place in an outdoor setting, surrounded by nature, flowers, and natural elements.

What is Non-Traditional Wedding?

A wedding that deviates from traditional customs, incorporating unique themes, unconventional venues, or alternative ceremony formats.

What are Nuptials?

The ceremony and celebration of a wedding, encompassing all the flower arrangements, d├ęcor, and floral details.

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