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Zodiac Flowers

What are Zodiac Flowers?

Flowers associated with specific zodiac signs, often used in wedding floral arrangements to incorporate personal symbolism and

What is Zebra Grass?

Tall and ornamental grass with striped leaves, used in floral arrangements or as a decorative accent in bohemian-themed weddings.

What is Zantedeschia?

Also known as calla lilies, these elegant flowers are popular in weddings, symbolizing beauty and purity.

What are Ylang-Ylang?

Fragrant flowers often used in aromatherapy and perfumery, providing a sweet and exotic scent to wedding floral arrangements.

What are Yellow Bells?

Bright yellow flowers known for their trumpet-like shape, adding a cheerful touch to wedding flower arrangements.

What is Xerophyte?

A type of plant that requires minimal water, often used in wedding arrangements for their durability and unique textures.

What is Wedding Arch?

A decorative structure or frame often adorned with flowers and greenery, serving as a backdrop for the wedding ceremony.

What is Whimsical?

A style characterized by playful, imaginative, and fanciful elements, often reflected in unconventional flower choices and creative floral arrangements.

What are Wedding Flower Products?

Floral items and arrangements used to enhance the beauty and ambiance of weddings are known as wedding flower products. A wedding party’s accessories and elements designed to adorn the ceremony and reception space are included in these products.

What are Tablescapes?

The overall arrangement and design of a wedding reception table, often featuring floral centerpieces, table linens, and decorative elements.

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