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Zodiac Flowers

What are Zodiac Flowers?

Flowers associated with specific zodiac signs, often used in wedding floral arrangements to incorporate personal symbolism and

What is XOXO?

A symbol representing hugs and kisses, often incorporated into wedding floral designs, invitations, or signage.

What is Wishing Well?

A decorative container or receptacle where guests can place cards or monetary gifts as a gesture of well-wishes for the couple.

What is Vow Renewal?

A ceremony where a married couple reaffirms their commitment to each other, often celebrated on a significant anniversary.

What is Sweetheart Table?

A small, romantic table for the couple at the reception, often decorated with a beautiful floral centerpiece.

What is Rehearsal Dinner?

A pre-wedding dinner or gathering where the wedding party and close family members come together to rehearse the ceremony and celebrate.

What is Ring Bearer Pillow?

A small decorative pillow used to carry the wedding rings down the aisle, often embellished with flowers or lace.

What are Rose Petals?

Fragrant flower petals, often scattered along the aisle or used as confetti for the couple’s exit.

What is Petal Toss?

The act of throwing flower petals, often by guests, as the couple exits the ceremony or during the recessional.

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