27Feb 2020

How flower subscriptions can uplift your business


Subscription boxes are one of the biggest trends of e-commerce of the last decade, and flower subscriptions seem to be gaining their fair share of fans.

What’s great about a flower subscription is that it’s one of the few boxes that are not only destined for personal but also corporate use, offering a fresh, in all its meaning, way to uplift your business.

Here’s why you should be considering a flower subscription for your business, too:


Customer satisfaction

First impressions matter, period. Having a fresh bouquet in the reception area of your office, being the first thing your customers see (and smell!) while entering your space, is a great way for them to be positively inclined before even meeting with you in person.

A flower subscription, arriving at your doorstep every week with the utmost love and care from a professional florist, is the easiest way to make an exceptional first impression to new customers, and pleasantly surprise existing ones.


Personal happiness

What better way to make your employees happier on a dull Monday morning, than receiving a weekly flower subscription? A fresh, carefully handpicked floral arrangement arriving at your office’s doorstep on a regular basis will reduce anxiety and significantly improve the overall mood of your staff.

Never again will you have to attend a meeting in a boring gray room, if your flower subscription includes a stunning centerpiece, constantly changing and including only the freshest seasonal blossoms.

Workplace productivity

Recent studies have shown that having plants and blooms in the workplace can significantly boost memory, innovative thinking, and concentration. By stimulating senses, both vision, and smell, employees perform more effectively whether checking numbers and data or brainstorming over a new project.

Flower subscriptions can further enhance this productivity! A welcoming, colorful room can uplift spirits and increase efficiency in the workplace just by switching the decor of your office every now and then. Woohoo!

Time efficiency

The greatest advantage of a flower subscription is that it doesn’t take away any of your business’s precious time.

Imagine having all the benefits of fresh flowers in the workplace, without spending time and effort to select, buy or decorate! Your customers can enjoy a homey feeling rather than a stiff impersonal business, and your employees can benefit from an inviting office where they’re happy and, therefore, productive.

Flower subscriptions are delivered to your business at a predetermined time and day, and no one from the office has to choose, buy, and arrange delivery every time — the flowers come to you! Make sure you choose a florist with experience in business flower subscriptions, one who can suggest what’s best for you and your space, and let those blossoms coming in!


With dedicated design consultants, convenient delivery options, and new designs available each week, your office will stand out with a subscription from Rachel Cho!

Contact us today to learn more about our weekly or monthly flower subscription services.

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