My nephew Michael Dee Quinn

Michael is like a son to me. He has grown to be a kind, compassionate and gentle human being who loves his family. He is an NYC EMT devoted to his job and been working on the front lines fighting COVID. A small token of thanks would be appreciated.

My husband, Michael Block

He works harder than anyone I know. He does not stop. Just like that old mailman cmpaign, nothing stops him. His quiet dedication has made this beautiful life we live possible. Hero is an interesting word. My husband execmplfies every day, ordinary excellence.

My friend and Mentor Andy Maston

When we were traveling before the pandemic, he assured me that we would be OK. We managed to get back to America from Europe and had to quarantine near each other for 2 weeks. He and his dog were my only friends during this time and they were a great source of support. We experienced life changing events and yet he was a great friend and took care of me. For that, I will always be appreciative of him.

Alyssa Coccaria

She is the head Dr. at Coney Island . NY emergency room. She has helped countless patients with Coronavirus because she loves her job. And today just happens to be her Birthday.

My best friend, Anne

My bestie is my hero. Anne, you were there for me through all of the ups and all of the downs and you always say what needs to be said whether I want to hear it or not. Thank you for being such a good friend!

my wife

because she supported me during difficult times