23Sep 2019
The Benefits of Office Plants

Urban professionals may spend far more than the typical nine-to-five in the office. Smart companies don’t take this time commitment for granted—they look at ways that they can make their office environment better for their employees to promote well-being and productivity. When you’re looking for ways to improve your workspace, adding plants is a simple […]

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16Sep 2019
7 Types of Flower Bouquets

Floral design isn’t simply about choosing the type and color of flowers you want. How those flowers are combined and arranged produces a dramatic difference in the overall effect and style you achieve. One area where this can be easily seen is in the shape of a wedding bouquet. When you’re planning your bridal look, […]

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09Sep 2019
The New Restaurant Decor Trend: Succulent Walls

Dining out is about more than just grabbing a meal, which is why restaurants carefully craft their décor to help create an experience that will bring customers back again and again. Plants can be a vital factor in adding beauty and freshness to an indoor environment. As one of the hottest trends in restaurant décor, […]

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02Sep 2019
Asters: What Does September’s Birth Flower Mean?

Late September marks the official start of fall, although with temperatures typically in the seventies, it’s a wonderful time to be out enjoying New York’s plethora of parks and outdoor spaces. For those born in September, your birth month is a lovely moment between the blazing days of summer and the approaching chill of autumn, […]

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23Aug 2019
Learn About August’s Birth Flower: The Poppy

August is the time of year when summer is drawing to a close, and we’re all contemplating life returning to a faster pace: vacations over, school days starting again, and hot days cooling down to the crisp temperatures of autumn. Those who celebrate their birthdays in August can enjoy the last moments of languid summer […]

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16Aug 2019
How to Incorporate Fruit in Flower Arrangements

Adding something unexpected into a flower arrangement, to bring in a fresh element of color, form, or texture, is often the key to transforming the overall effect from beautifully pleasant to eye-catching and original. While there is a huge variety of flowers and foliage to choose from to achieve that goal, even if you’re sticking […]

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09Aug 2019
7 Flowers and Plants to Use for Your Tropical Arrangement

When you’re looking for a floral arrangement that combines bold color, captivating forms, and dramatic size, tropical flowers and foliage are a natural choice. With a variety of unusual shapes and textures, these blooms conjure an exotic atmosphere ideal for creating a lush effect for an event or evoking a sense of far-off pristine beaches […]

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02Aug 2019
5 Tips for a Smooth Bridal Shower

When you have a close friend or beloved family member who’s just announced that she’s getting married, the enthusiasm of helping her celebrate and honoring her with a bridal shower may quickly be overshadowed by anxiety. Throwing a great shower may feel like a lot of work, coupled with a lot of pressure to get […]

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26Jul 2019
Tall vs. Short Wedding Centerpieces

Like so much of wedding planning, deciding on your floral décor requires decisions that don’t necessarily have a set right or wrong answer. After all, your wedding is an expression of your unique relationship with your spouse-to-be, so it makes sense that the flowers that suit one couple will differ from those that suit another. […]

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19Jul 2019
How to Decorate a Room for a Baby Shower

There are very few celebrations that are as joyous or momentous as marking the impending arrival of a new baby. When you’re getting ready to help a friend or relative usher in this new chapter of her life by throwing a baby shower for her, you want to be sure the decorations set a warm, […]

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