Hospitality Floral Arrangements

Experience the bespoke floral concierge of Rachel Cho Floral Design, New York City’s premier provider of luxury and glamour for your corporate business, five-star hotel, wellness spa, upscale restaurant, or private residence. Our hospitality floral arrangements are artfully crafted to infuse NYC’s renowned style and sophistication into your space, making every fresh flower bloom speak the language of luxury unique to the city that never sleeps.
Colorful luxury floral arrangement in a blue oval shaped vase set on a white side table next to a cream couch.
Floral decor on coffee table in living room
Pink and purple flowers on a home side table
Vibrant floral bouquet on reception desk
Dried floral arrangement in jewelry store display
Colorful flowers in a blue vase on a white table

Premium Floral Decor for Hospitality Venues

Let us transform your environment with our curated selection of premium blooms. Our experienced florists work closely with our clients to ensure that every floral arrangement has the perfect flowers for your venue, occasion, and branding. From opulent centerpieces to discreetly designed flower bouquets, Rachel Cho Floral Design’s hospitality florals are more than decorations; they are a statement of quality and an integral part of the ultimate experience for your guests and clientele.

Looking to impress at your next corporate event? Discover our event floral services and let us transform your professional gathering with the elegance and poise that only New York City’s finest flowers can provide.

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