Weekly flowers delivery - Subscription

Rachel Cho Flowers | Floral Designer | flower delivery NYC

With the weekly flowers subscription service, keep your space permanently decorated with fresh real flowers. You no longer have to worry about buying flowers, decorating them or maintaining them. Depending on the theme of the decoration, we provide unique flower arrangements that will beautify your everyday life.

Weekly flowers for Corporation or Office

Rachel Cho Flowers | Floral Designer | flower delivery NYC

Did you know that your employee productivity improves by 15% when the workplace is filled with just a few indoor plants and flowers? Did you know that employee cognitive performance increases by 61% in green workplaces?

Now with the weekly flowers service you can increase the work efficiency of your employees and make your workplace even more enjoyable. This becomes necessary as soon as we realize how many hours of the day we spent in the corporation or the office.  Choose between a wide selection of luxurious and unique floral arrangements, select monthly or weekly flowers subscription and we can delivered it right to your office.

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Rachel Cho Flowers | Floral Designer | flower delivery NYC

Contact us today to learn more about our weekly or monthly flower subscription services. With dedicated design consultants, convenient delivery options, and new designs available each week, your office will stand out with a subscription from Rachel Cho!

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