3 Ways To Differentiate From Competition This Valentine’s Day

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It’s February, a month full of emotion. Why? Because celebrating Valentine’s Day, that is just days away, remains a highly popular way to express love and affection. For many, it’s a day for dining out, whether on a date- or even celebrating anti-Valentine’s Day with friends, which seems to be a trend in the last few years! Many couples make a reservation at a nice restaurant and may also book a hotel room and spend the night, rekindling their feelings with their loved ones.Valentine’s Day is a very important day for the hospitality industry. Most of the restaurants are booked solid, and many hotels prepare for their guests who book a room to celebrate with their special someone. Just like any other special day or celebration, Valentine’s Day is a lucrative occasion to weave some innovative ways to impress your customers and offer them a memorable experience.Flowers create a cozy ambiance in all kinds of places that need an extra touch of atmospheric warmth, like hotels, restaurants, reception venues, etc.If you’re looking for creative ideas about how to utilize flowers in a unique way to differentiate yourself from the competition this Valentine’s Day, feel free to use some of the recommendations we’ve listed below. 

Offer a Welcoming Rose to your guests

If you are a restaurant manager, consider welcome every woman with a flower. We guarantee it will put a smile on their faces and will have them talking about this unexpected gesture with their friends. A great flower option for the occasion would be a beautiful red rose.
Are you in the mood to be more creative than that? Continue reading to find out how…
While the couple is waiting to get settled on their table, ask for a minute in privacy with the husband/boyfriend. Show them a collection of different flowers and have him pick his Valentine’ s favorite. Once you have your feedback, place it on their table as a welcoming surprise. 

Centerpieces and Table Decorations

Dinner at an upscale restaurant with a romantic setting is a popular choice for a date on Valentine’s Day.  Charming, St. Valentine’s themed floral centerpieces and restaurant flower decor will surely deliver the most rewarding ambiance for this special night out.Elegant floral creations with fresh, high- quality flowers, styled together with candles and even sweet, edible decorations would make a stylish, yet exciting Valentine’s Day table decor.For something more minimal yet elegant, top each table with a small vase and a few red high-quality, fresh blooms. This is ideal for intimate tables. For a bold take on larger tables, group several vases in varying heights and create an impressive floral arrangement. 

Pay Attention to Your Overall Decor

Every hospitality business can take advantage of Valentine’s Day by decorating their establishments accordingly. And nothing screams “Valentine’s Day” more than magnificent flower decor in your restaurant or hotel.Creative flower arrangements have the ability to transform any interior. Valentine-themed floral arrangements can decorate hotel lobbies, hotel rooms, even the tables and walls of a restaurant, etc. Guests appreciate flowers for the freshness they bring to the surroundings and the romantic mood they create.Make sure that the Valentine’s Day decor you’ ll go for is in keeping with the overall color scheme and theme of your restaurant.  Flower decorations should reflect the overall vibe of the establishment. Decor pieces that design a tasteful backdrop and a romantic environment will grab your customers’ attention. 

Are you ready to impress your guests on valentine’s day?

Incorporate one of the above Valentine’s Day flower decor ideas to your business and you’ll get plenty of compliments about the hospitality and vibe.At Rachel Cho Floral Design, we think fresh flowers add a little something special to every day. We provide our customers with superior service and unparalleled expertise, whether we’re designing a single flower arrangement or an entire event. To find out how we can help with all your floral needs, contact us today.
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