30 New York City Wedding Florists

30 New York City Wedding Florists
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Roses, peonies, tulips, orchids… Flowers of any kind are as important to a wedding as a wedding dress or a groom’s suit. They are those elements that add color, texture, feeling and create the perfect mood for this special occasion. You can find them everywhere: from the bride’s bouquet to the whole ceremony and reception decor.

But with so many choices available how can you find the right design and arrangement that fits your personality and love story? Luckily for you there’s a huge variety of specialized florists in the City, each one with their own unique style, to assist you in creating the best scene for this special day of your life. Just find the one that inspires you more and let them know of your vision.

Born and raised in New York City, Rachel’s design inspiration comes from the vibes and energy of the city. Her style is known as clean and luxurious, focusing on the natural shape and beauty of each flower she works with. Detail oriented and with her unique sense of design, Rachel carefully examines colors and textures to create charming and exquisite looks. If your wedding planning is on the go, Rachel Cho is there for you to create breathtaking, noteworthy décor. 

Victoria Ahn is a floral and event designer with a main focus on making any vision alive. Her unique approach in playing with colors and textures, coming from her background as a ballet & modern dancer, creates an inspiring look that fits all styles and occasions. Designs by Ahn has taken on the design of many special events, both in New York City and its vicinity, and has been featured in many national media outlets.

 Always working to embody the richness of nature, FLWR’s owner and principal designer Emily is creating designs that are dynamic and express every  season. She has worked for many different projects, from weddings all around the world to fashion and beauty events. Whether you’re dreaming of a party, a shoot setting or interior design, she’s there to recreate your space with charming touches of the wild nature.

Elegance and ethereal style are the two things that feature floral designer Michael Putnam & husband Darroch Putnam’s approach. The duo aims to create floral arrangements for every style and occasion. With a high focus on details they redesign spaces and create rich events with a fully romantic mood all around the world, caughting the attention of several noted clients and brands.

After visualizing a lush and exquisite floral landscape for her own wedding, Rachel Trimarco got the inspiration of creating a wedding floral brand herself. Her motto is that “just like a flower, every bride is unique”. For Rachel and her team, the perfect wedding floral design should be the mirror that reflects the unique style and personality of each bride. Their work features color, texture and scent, all together to create a dreamy landscape and an endless romantic atmosphere.

Flowers make people happy.”
That’s the spirit upon which Buds of Brooklyn create their floral arrangements. Located in the heart of Brooklyn, they put together high-quality blooms and seasonal flowers to create a story of unique shapes and colors. As they say: “Our goal is to spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way.

A fine art background is what influences Sarah Saunders’ way of seeing and working with materials, studying their shape, color and texture. Her goal is to stay true to her playful and creative spirit and develop her very own voice. Always curious about the world, she keeps on seeking for multiple ways to express her creativity applying her fine art skills in her designs.

Grown out of a lifelong love for plants and flowers, their passion, along with experience in the floral industry is what makes Edelweiss Floral’s team  to offer quality and expertise. Whether you need a simple floral arrangement or a setting for your wedding or any special occasion, they are delighted to assist you with their unique designs placing  no limitations to creativity or choices.

Liza is a florist with a rare style based on the idea that when you start from something small and insignificant you can create something big, full of beauty and charm. As she says: “We work with flowers because they are wise and witchy, mercurial and moody. They are stronger than most people think.”

Nicolette Owen’s style emphasizes elegance and fine combinations of colors that bring a natural yet wild touch to her designs. Her Brooklyn based company offers florals for weddings and special events, and her work has been widely featured in several national publications. 

Cary Pereyra-Imbert wants to make every bide happy by offering high-quality flowers and exclusive designs. She has a rustic style and prefers to work with greener colors, leafy and wild textures, adding a clean and modern touch to the final result and aiming to bring out the beauty of each flower she uses.

Owner Maribel always loves to help create unforgettable weddings with floral creations that inspire and impress everyone. She offers floral designs in a rich variety of styles, and with her professional team they strive to make the best experience for you.

A widely known floral design studio creating floral experiences for grand and lush weddings and events, being featured regularly in many noted publications. Founder & CEO Kiana Underwood is known for her use of unique color combinations and floral choices that attract both couples and floral designers from all over the world.

Co-owners Patrick and Christine always seek to create the very best of experiences for your special occasions. Their motto is “Be Kind”. Their goal is to blend the personal taste and vision of every couple they work with. They use fresh flowers that stay true to the seasons, with a classy and modern taste.

Founder and dreamer Paulina Nieliwocki has an exquisite aesthetic and her very own perception of beauty. Her inspiration comes from the elegant colors, textures and shapes of vineyards. She truly enjoys the happiness and beauty her work provides to each one of her clients.

Louis and Olivier, co-founders of Ode à la Rose, are aiming to share the part of their french culture saying that flowers are telling a story on your behalf. They carefully examine every detail so that the final result can pass a thoughtful message, and their team is always available to give the best solution for every occasion.

Our greatest joy is giving each blossom, each tendril, the opportunity to be a part of the adventure, always embracing the fleeting nature of our work.
Their idea is that every material has something to say and the team aims to let their designs express both nature and the seasons. Their inspiration comes from the unique stories and character of each couple.

For Sierra Steifman, Creative Director & Owner, each project is a new passion. She is an enthusiastic designer with great attention to details. Her goal is her work and designs to result into unique and unforgettable events.

Inspired by the European approach of flowers’ undoubtable role in everyday life, the team creates lush arrangements with rare choices of flowers from all around the world. With high focus on details they aim for remarkable designs and innovative ideas, either for a small arrangement, or a big wedding or event.

The Wild Bunch is a downtown New York based company that loves and worships  flowers in all colors, shapes and sizes. They will take every vision, add knowledge & creativity, to create something unique for any special day.

A luxurious and romantic floral design company, with close attention to details and always delighted to listen to any request. The team strives to deliver the highest quality flowers and blooms, exclusively arranged to meet all kinds of needs.

A highly skilled team is always ready to work with passion and care to create a stunning atmosphere that will fascinate you. Let them know what your dream event features and they will turn it into reality.

Whether you are asking for a simple garden decor or the perfect arrangements for your wedding or event, the result will be full of love and creativity. When designing, Ingrid Carozzi, Owner & Creative Director, brings her creative talent and charm to tell a story, by putting together beautuful color and textures and striking materials.

Suzana Cameron and her team focus on personal expression and instincts with no limitation to passions. Their designs are inspired by the seasons and embody clear and eco-friendly materials.

Their seasonal arrangements might be unusual designs, but they’re made all the more special. As Founder Taylor Patterson says: “The joy of landscape painting is how one sees the world when not on the canvas, and so it goes for me working with flowers.”

For Julia Testa designing is part of an experience that should’n be stressful, but joyful and amusing. She and her team are there for you to create design arrangements that will fit your own style and needs.

Flowers and fruits, seeds and greenery – those are the elements of the uniqueness the team of fleursBELLA are striving for. From small bouquets to large event arrangements, they pay great attention in order to make any vision a beautiful floral reality.

QG Floral is a family business that offers high-quality flowers, modern designs and sensational arrangements. The goal is simple: to enliven any event or occasion and help create memories that will last forever.

Specializing in a variety of different styles, the team’s mission is to create beautiful, aesthetic and original floral designs providing the best and highest quality flowers and blossoms. A happy client with a smile is the best reward for them.

Detail oriented Yena Jung creates stylish graphic arrangements, bouquets and more in a variety of stunning colors. Her work has been featured in various publications while she herself has presented her work as a designer in noted shows and events.


At Rachel Cho Floral Design, we pair a passion for an original design with a commitment to superior customer service. We collaborate with our clients to capture their vision with dynamic, unique arrangements. Contact us today for help with all your floral needs or fill our form for choosing the plant of your preference.

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