5 Tips for a Smooth Bridal Shower

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When you have a close friend or beloved family member who’s just announced that she’s getting married, the enthusiasm of helping her celebrate and honoring her with a bridal shower may quickly be overshadowed by anxiety. Throwing a great shower may feel like a lot of work, coupled with a lot of pressure to get the details right. Traditionally, the bridal shower is hosted by the maid of honor, but nowadays showers might be hosted by family or other friends as well. With the right approach, a bridal shower doesn’t have to be a source of stress. Follow these tips and you can be assured of good results.

1. Consult with the guest of honor: Your first and most important step in planning a shower should be to have a conversation with the bride, because you will need some critical information from her. First, you’ll need the list of guests who should be invited to the shower. Second, you need to find out what kind of shower she is envisioning. Maybe her dream is a traditional shower surrounded by all her female friends and relatives, or maybe she prefers a more casual couples shower. When you start out by asking, you’ll know what size space you need and get some crucial guidance for how to plan.

2. Set a budget: For an informal shower held at your home or the bride’s home, it may be no problem to pick up the tab yourself. If your plans are more elaborate, or involve renting a venue large enough to host a larger crowd, you should talk to the other bridesmaids or family members about dividing up costs.

3. Plan: Write down the elements that you need to include and create a timeline of when each step should occur so you can stay on top of what needs to happen when. Pick your date and location to begin with, then proceed to the details of décor, food and drink, choosing and sending invitations, managing RSVPs, etc.

4. Pick a theme: Bridal showers are not one-size-fits-all, which can leave you falling down a Pinterest rabbit hole if you don’t have some parameters to go by. Choosing a theme can help you make decisions on decorations, beverages, food, favors, party games (if you include any) and more that create a unified, attractive whole.

5. Get help: Just because you’re hosting doesn’t mean you should do everything yourself. Remember that list you made? Decide which things are best entrusted to professionals—floral arrangements and catering may be among these—and which can be delegated to other bridemaids or hosts. For tasks to be handled day-of or at the event, double check that everyone knows what they’re responsible for. That way you can enjoy the event you’ve worked so hard on too.

At Rachel Cho Floral Design, our joy is in creating exquisite floral arrangements that enhance both special occasions and ordinary days. We capture our clients’ vision with the best in premium flowers. Our dedication to inspired design is matched only by our commitment to excellent customer service. To find out how we can help with all your floral needs, contact us today.

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