Floral design isn’t simply about choosing the type and color of flowers you want. How those flowers are combined and arranged produces a dramatic difference in the overall effect and style you achieve. One area where this can be easily seen is in the shape of a wedding bouquet. When you’re planning your bridal look, the type of bouquet you pick is important in nailing the vibe you’re looking for. Here are seven well-known types of bouquets with tips on how they’re often used:

1. Cascade: In this classic “waterfall” style of bridal bouquet, flowers and foliage taper from a full top into a point at the bottom. Trailing greens and flowers that feature a natural cascading form (think ivy and orchids) work well with this shape. This style gives off a lush, romantic air that can work well for either a formal wedding or a garden-inspired theme.

2. Posy: If your style is sweet and simple, this petite bouquet sized to be easily carried one-handed is a lovely option. Posies are usually styled with a round top and ribbon-wrapped stems and feature flowers primarily, rather than complementary foliage.

3. Nosegay: Similar in style and size to a posy, a nosegay differs in that it incorporates more foliage, perfect if you like the interest that a mix of blooms and greenery can create. This compact arrangement also makes a great choice for bridesmaids’ bouquets.

4. Round: This bouquet looks exactly the way it sounds, with flowers formed into a structured dome shape. It’s larger than a posy, and will often use a monochromatic palette, a limited range of flower types, or both to create a smooth, harmonized appearance ideal for either a traditional or modern wedding. Roses work well in this type of bouquet.

5. Hand-tied: Hand-tied bouquets provide a more relaxed form perfect for a rustic or boho wedding. This type of arrangement incorporates stems of different lengths as well as flowers and foliage in a variety of colors and textures to produce the seemingly effortless effect of a bouquet plucked straight from the garden.

6. Presentation: This type of bouquet is designed to be carried in the crook of the arm, laying in an elegant line. Long-stemmed flowers such as calla lilies are especially well suited to this style. Best for formal or modern celebrations.

7. Pomander: Unlike the other types of bouquets in this list, a pomander is not carried by the stems. It’s a round ball of flowers suspended from a ribbon or cord that can be worn on the wrist. This charming look is often used for a flower girl or other junior members of a wedding party.

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