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When couples plan their wedding, they aren’t just planning a party—their ceremony marks the beginning of their life together as a married couple. This special event is meant to be a personal expression of their love and commitment. Great floral design expresses the individuality of the couple, taking into account not only their personal taste but also the unique features of their venue to create customized décor for their ceremony.

There are many ways to go beyond traditional elements in enhancing and defining the ceremony space. For example, in an indoor ceremony, a hanging floral installation over the couple can serve to beautifully enhance the scene with a more modern aesthetic than a stereotypical white lattice archway. For an outdoor ceremony, decorating nearby trees with flowers brings in the beauty of the natural outdoor setting, making it part of the overall design while imbuing it with an individual stamp. For an added air of romance, consider incorporating candlelight into the ceremony space, or scattering petals in the area where the couple stands.

The seating area can also be defined in customized ways as well. Running a greenery garland down each side of the aisle at floor level, perhaps interspersed with flowers, creates a garden effect, whether your ceremony is indoors or outdoors. A greenery garland or bunches of flowers can also be attached to the chairs, or the aisle can be defined with a row of floral centerpieces. The aesthetic impact of any of these ideas varies dramatically with the type of flowers and foliage used, and their colors and textures, so the overall effect can range from elegantly spare and simple to lushly romantic.

The bottom line is that a truly inspired floral design doesn’t exist in a vacuum. The designer should consult with the couple about the overall aesthetic they desire—modern, vintage, romantic, rustic—and discuss the overall palette. Elements such as centerpieces, garlands, and larger arrangements should harmonize with and accentuate the features of the venue. The flower choices should take full advantage of the best picks of the season as well as including the couple’s favorites. When everything is working together, it will feel as if the finished design is seamlessly incorporated into the location the couple has chosen to create a magical atmosphere just for them.

With a lifetime of experience in flowers and a passion for design, Rachel Cho works closely with her clients to realize their personalized vision. Her eye for detail allows her to draw inspiration from her surroundings to create noteworthy, original designs. Contact her today to schedule a consultation.

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