Candlelit Pool Party in Greenwich, Connecticut

Dinner Party in Greenwich, Connecticut

An opulent and enchanting 40th birthday celebration set against the breathtaking backdrop of a beautiful home in Greenwich, Connecticut. Guests were treated to a sumptuous 3-course culinary experience complemented by an exquisite selection of indulgent treats and a cocktail bar that left no one thirsty.

The lavish tables were adorned with resplendent hues of plum, merlot, mauve, and cream, harmoniously intertwined to create a symphony of elegance. Vintage crystal glassware graced the tables, adding a touch of timeless grace to the affair, while the seasonal floral arrangements, skillfully orchestrated by the renowned Rachel Cho Floral Design, breathed life into the space with their captivating beauty.

All photography is accredited to SJ Martinez Photography.

Event Planner: Simply Shira

Design & Floral: Rachel Cho Floral Design


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