Asters: What Does September’s Birth Flower Mean?

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Late September marks the official start of fall, although with temperatures typically in the seventies, it’s a wonderful time to be out enjoying New York’s plethora of parks and outdoor spaces. For those born in September, your birth month is a lovely moment between the blazing days of summer and the approaching chill of autumn, when gardens are still full of late summer blooms. Your birth flower, aster, has equally pleasant associations that make it a lovely addition to floral arrangements, both in form and meaning.

Asters (also known as starwort or frost flowers) are a daisy-like flower with many narrow petals radiating out from a yellow center. Their name comes from the Greek word for star, as the shape of their flower heads resembles a star. They bloom in the garden in abundance in late summer and early fall. While they can be found in a range of colors, the most common hues are white, pink, red, mauve, or lilac. They’re also attractive to butterflies—because their flowering season falls at the same time as the annual monarch butterfly migration, the butterflies often use these lovely blossoms as refueling stops on their journey.

september's birth flower

In ancient times, asters were held to have magical powers. For example, it was believed that burning their leaves could drive away snakes and evil spirits. Greek myth claims two possible origins for the flower, saying either that it sprang from the tears of Astraea, the goddess of innocence, or from the blood of King Aegeus, who committed suicide in the mistaken belief that his son Theseus had been killed by the minotaur. As an emblem of Venus, the Roman goddess of love, the flower was also used as an ingredient in love potions.

In general, asters are considered to symbolize love, affection, and wisdom. In the Victorian flower language, they also carried the meaning of daintiness, patience, and charm. However, the specific color of an aster can change its meaning. Purple asters, the most popular kind, denote wisdom and royalty, while white asters mean innocence and purity. Choosing red asters sends a message of undying devotion, with pink asters conveying love and sensitivity.

Asters have abundant clusters of flowers on each stem, making them an attractive addition to all kinds of flower arrangements. As cut flowers, they last approximately 6 to 10 days. Making sure that they are well hydrated, removing all leaves below the water line, and using floral preservatives will help extend their vase life as long as possible.

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