Passover is one of the best-loved and most observed holidays of the Jewish calendar. Unlike other religious observances throughout the year that are held primarily in a temple, the central ritual of Passover—the seder—takes place in the home. Many families, even those who may not be religiously observant otherwise, use it as an occasion to gather together and invite friends to take part as they recount the story of the liberation of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt under Pharaoh.

Outside of Israel, seders are traditionally held on the first and second night of the eight-day holiday. Celebrants gather to read the Haggadah, which tells the story of the exodus from Egypt, consume symbolic foods, and perform other acts traditional to the holiday. Although Passover is associated with the dietary restrictions that mimic the conditions the ancient Israelites endured as they fled from bondage, the holiday is truly one of celebration. Their escape marked the start of the journey that led them to the promised land, and during the holiday everyone present is encouraged to think of the story not as a distant historical event, but as a liberation that affected them personally.

Floral centerpieces are a wonderful way to capture the jubilant spirit of the holiday and to dress up your home for your guests. A traditional color palette for such arrangements is white and blue hues, that are associated with purity and divinity respectively in the Jewish faith. As a spring holiday, Passover is blessed with an abundance of seasonal flowers at hand to create a white background brightened with natural blues and lilacs.

Hydrangeas, whose flowers bloom in large ball-shaped clusters, come in both blue and white, perfect for a Passover arrangement. White ranunculus, with their layers of tissue-thin petals, also make a great addition. For pops of blue, blue Muscari, delphinium, lavender stock, and blue hyacinths bring vibrant color to your centerpieces.

Of course, hosting a Passover seder can be a time-consuming undertaking as you both prepare your home for observing the holiday and cook and clean for your guests. A professional florist can help ease the chore of decorating by providing elegantly composed arrangements delivered ready to go before your celebration begins. Best of all, you can put in an order with your needs and preferences weeks ahead of time, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about flowers as you’re putting the final details of the meal together.

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