Dating Ideas During Lockdown

dating ideas during lockdown
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The global pandemic is an issue that affects everyone in the world. Our everyday lives have changed, we’ve learned to compromise with staying at home while facing a whole new type of reality, where human interaction is alive only through a computer or mobile screen. 

All this new information and adaptation to this new reality makes us question everything that was guaranteed up to now. The most difficult part of the lockdown due to the pandemic was creating new relationships and maintaining the old ones. A new term was added to our vocabulary. “Social distancing”. This means that we should avoid interaction with other people, so we could end the fight against the threatening virus and not transmit it anymore.

But one of the biggest questions of this time is: what about dates & relationships? How can you meet and get acquainted with someone now that the whole concept of “social distance” has completely changed the game? Or even maintain a long-social-distance relationship?

It might sound challenging but it can be done, thanks to technology who always has our backs!

Not sure how to date someone online? Here are a few dating ideas during lockdown to try out!

1. E-dinners/ E-drinks

Since you can’t meet the person we like face-to-face, you can make a call and have a date online together. Pick a day and time, put on your favorite comfy – but still elegant -outfit, pour a glass of wine, make or order your favorite food, set the cameras on and get to know each other!

If you wish to be even more creative, you can order a small flower arrangement and put it in front of your laptop so

that it looks like a centerpiece that would decorate your table at a restaurant  during a dinner date.

woman trying out dating ideas during lockdown

2. Send a gift

What is the most romantic way to express your interest from afar? By sending a surprise gift, of course. And what is the most suitable and all-time favorite gift that everybody loves? Flowers. Beautiful colorful flowers. None can resist a wonderful flower arrangement. Think of what type of flowers or colors your loved one prefers, do a quick research on flower delivery services (here’s a list of a few examples), pick the right floral piece, and have it delivered right to their door!

dating flower ideas during lockdown

3. Watch a movie together

Traditionally, a cinema movie night is one of the most classic date ideas.But even with cinemas closed why miss the chance of enjoying your favorite movie together?Pick a movie you both like, or suggest one, and push the Play button at the same time while cameras are on. This way you can comment at the same time, make jokes and interact with each other even if you are not near. Movies can be the start for the best conversations as they bring out feelings, concerns and sometimes they are an excellent food for thought as well. Let the movie night begin!

movie date during lockdown

This pandemic period is definitely a challenge for all of us and our everyday lives. But this shouldn’t mean we have to stop doing the things we love or get to know each other more and spend time together. These ideas can help you “come closer” to the person you’re interested in without breaking the social distancing rule. Think smart, be creative, make a mystery with a romantic taste. And remember to always stay safe and soon you will be able to meet with your loved ones again. Until then, have fun through distance.

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