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In the competitive hospitality industry, there’s no room for error if you want your restaurant to be a success. New York restaurants competing alongside some of the finest establishments in the world need to offer their customers more than just fantastic food—although that part’s not optional! The atmosphere and décor of your restaurant are just as important in setting the tone for a superior dining experience. Fresh flowers are one of the best ways to create an inviting ambiance that will beckon in new guests and keep loyal customers coming back.

Flowers add an air of elegance, as well as having stress-reducing qualities that make them perfect for an environment where you want your customers to relax and enjoy themselves. When done right, incorporating flowers into your restaurant’s décor will enhance your guests’ overall experience without being cost-prohibitive.

The first thing to note is that the flowers you choose should be in keeping with the overall color scheme and theme of your restaurant. If your feel is modern and understated, lavishly ornate arrangements will feel out of place, and vice versa. Also, keep in mind that appealing floral accents may be simpler than you expect. Flower arrangements on restaurant tables are not there to take center stage—they are there as grace notes. Such arrangements should not distract or block the view across the table. Combine these, where diners can enjoy them, with a few statement arrangements in strategic places for a unifying effect that covers all the bases.

One reason restaurant owners shy away from using fresh flowers is that they fear the cost. This can be managed effectively in a few ways. Choosing sturdy flowers that have a long vase life, such as orchids, zinnias, or alstroemeria, is the most important step. Such flowers will not need to replaced as often. Seasonal flowers are also a good choice because they are usually priced lower than blooms that have to be imported and are naturally at their peak.

However, even flowers that generally last a long time can fade out quickly if they are not maintained. Keep your arrangements looking fresh by removing spent blossoms and wilting leaves and keeping the water fresh and topped up. Floral preservative added to the water can also help extend the life of your flowers. If you have space, putting arrangements in the refrigerator when the restaurant is closed will also help them last longer.

Having an expert on your side can make all of this easy. When you work with a local florist experienced in serving the hospitality industry, they can help you design a plan that beautifies your space and fits your budget. At Rachel Cho Floral Design, we put our dedication to inspired design and superior customer service to work for our hospitality clients every day. We work with each client to create designs that optimally enhance their venue and provide the delivery and maintenance services that work for them. To find out more about how we can help with all your floral needs, contact us today.


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