How to Host the Perfect Summer Party in the Hamptons

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Going to the Hamptons to enjoy the summer, especially after a winter that doesn’t know when it’s outstayed its welcome, is a quintessentially New York escape. If you’re already contemplating your summer party, no doubt you’re anxious to make sure every detail is perfect. Hosting a perfect party depends on the thought and effort you put in ahead of time, but it’s an attainable goal. Here’s how to get started:

Pick your theme: Decide on what type of party you want to have. A casual cookout will need a different look and feel from an elegant garden party. Once you have this first step nailed down, subsequent decisions like what kind of food and décor to have and what kind of music to play will be easier.

Draw up your guest list: Knowing how many people you intend to host is essential to determining how much seating and food you’ll need, and whether or not you need to rent tables, chairs, or tents to accommodate everyone in comfort and with plenty of shade.

Never underestimate the importance of food and drink: The east end of Long Island is home to extraordinary options for both food and beverages, so take advantage of local finds when you can to add charm to your menu. Whatever you decide to serve, however, make sure that it is top quality and in sufficient quantities. If you are preparing dishes yourself, make as much as you can ahead of time so you can spend your time at the party focused on your guests, not working in the kitchen. If you’re working with a caterer, review the menu and the service times in advance to ensure they work with the overall flow and timing of the party.

Craft a festive environment: Your party décor does as much to set the mood for your event as the food or the music. Using fresh flowers is a wonderful way to both enhance the ambiance of a summer party and take advantage of nature’s abundance in this season. An experienced florist can easily match the feel of your party, whether it is casual or formal, and provide beautiful arrangements that will transform your indoor and/or outdoor space into the ideal party venue.

Enjoy your party: The host of a party is its soul, so make sure your plans include relaxing and enjoying the company of your guests as soon as the party starts. Don’t hesitate to hire professionals where needed to ensure that the only thing you need to worry about once the festivities get started is whether or not everyone is having a good time.

Rachel Cho Floral Design is your source for inspired party designs to give your décor a unique flair. We work with you from start to finish to make sure we capture your vision and that every arrangement is petal-perfect. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your next event.


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