How to Incorporate Floral Arrangements into Your Corporate Luncheon

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Hosting a corporate luncheon blends professional goals with a social atmosphere—you want to provide a welcoming environment while still projecting a polished business image. This makes it especially important to get the details that distinguish an ordinary luncheon from a truly well-planned event right. Flowers are one way you can help elevate the tone of your luncheon and make it a memorable occasion for your guests.

The most obvious location to include flowers is as centerpieces on your luncheon tables. However, you shouldn’t stop there. You can place arrangements at the place card table at the entrance, on the event stage or in front of the podium where presentations will take place, and positioned around the room. Well-selected flowers give you the opportunity to tie the décor together with an attractive color scheme, so don’t be afraid to locate them throughout the event space for maximum impact.

A professional event is undoubtedly going to call for a different atmosphere than a personal event like a wedding. Flowers can help establish an ambiance of elegance as well as lift your attendees’ mood, when done right. Clean, architectural floral design that emphasizes form and texture using high-quality blossoms and greenery lends itself particularly well to business events. Consider adding less conventional elements to your arrangements, such as branches, succulents, berries, or moss. The goal is to achieve an eye-catching, noteworthy display that harmonizes with your space.

There are some practical aspects to consider when creating your flower design for a corporate luncheon. If you intend for guests around circular tables to converse freely, make sure that the centerpiece design doesn’t block sightlines across the center of the table. Be careful about your flower selection, because heavily scented or highly allergenic blooms might negatively affect one of your guests. At a very large luncheon hosting guests from several different departments of the same company, or colleagues from different companies, it’s unlikely that you will be familiar with everyone’s needs, so it’s best to err on the side of caution. Finally, it’s rare to have an unlimited budget for event décor, so opt for in-season flowers when you can—this will help you achieve the freshest, most vibrant effects possible without overspending.

A professional florist with experience in serving corporate clients is your best bet for flowers that strike the perfect balance of being luxurious and striking without being obtrusive or overdone. A professional will not only help you select the right seasonal flowers and designs to create the tone you’re looking for, but they’ll also take care of all the details of arranging and setup so that you can focus on the core business aims of your event.

At Rachel Cho Floral Design, we work with corporate clients year-round, whether we’re brightening their offices with floral subscription services or providing custom designs for events or product launches. We put our expertise to work for you, promoting your brand with collaborative, attentive service. To find out more about how Rachel Cho Floral Design can assist with all your company’s floral needs, contact us today.


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