Flower crowns are probably the most famous and favorite accessories for occasions like festivals or weddings. But the truth is those beautiful floral wreaths have always been appreciated and loved through time. From Ancient Greece, where they were worn as a symbol of honoring gods or as a reward of victory, to the Renaissance art. Today they stand as a fashionable and trendy statement and are considered to be more stylish than ever. And so it will continue…  

So how amazing would it be if you could create those brilliant floral jewelries on your own? It’s a very simple and joyful task that only requires a few materials, some inspiration, and a creative mood.

What Flowers to Include

Before you start creating your crown, think of the occasion you’re making it for. Is it going to be a hair accessory for a music event like Coachella or a national celebration like the 4th of July? Are you and your friends going to be bridesmaids and you’re looking for a charming floral touch to add to your look? 

Depending on the occasion and all its aspects your crown can consist of many different choices of flowers, according to the feeling or the statement you wish to highlight wearing it. For example, if you want to go big and steal the spotlight you should go for large and bold flowers, like spray roses, peonies, anemones, or daisies. If you’re looking for a more soft and elegant look you can go for small filler flowers, like poms, astilbes, statices, and baby’s breaths.   

In the case where a flower crown is an attempt to develop or expand your handcraft skills, just think of how you envision your very own flower crown to be and go for flowers that inspire you and this vision most in terms of colors, textures, or sizes. Let your imagination fly and lead you. 

Once you’ve found the right combination of flowers and greeneries that fits how you want your flower crown to look like, you are ready to start creating it.

Let’s get creative

Apart from your desired flowers and greeneries, you’ll also need a few more materials: two pieces of wire, floral tape, craft wire, and – of course – scissors. Once you have all of them, you’re good to go.

Start by measuring the size of your head. Wrap the one piece of wire around your head until you feel it fits best for you. As a tip, it’s good to leave an extra half of inch from what you measure. Cut the excess wire and do the same with the second piece. Then, connect the two pieces together but twisting them with each other and secure the edges with some tape. 

Before you start placing your flowers and greeneries on the wire, trim them a bit leaving about 3 inches of stem. This way it’ll be easier to work with them and put them all together. Using the floral tape start attaching them to the wire in whatever order or combination you may like. You can either start in layers, by placing the greeneries first and then add mini bunches of blooms as well, or put them all together at the same time. Once you decorated the wire all around, check for any empty spaces you may have left and add smaller flowers or greenery to fill them.

Keep your crown fresh

It’s possible that you may not plan to plan to wear your crown right after you make it. And, of course, you’d like it to be as fresh as possible when the time comes. 

So make your crown a couple of days before the big event and keep it in your fridge until then. Place it in a spot where it won’t get squished and make sure you don’t have any fruits around it. When you’re ready to wear it, spray it with some water to make the refresh the flowers and it’ll look stunning.  

Flower crowns are the perfect accessories for almost every occasion or season, adding a special and charming element of nature to your look. And we love these accessories as much as you do. That’s why we always aim to offer you the best result in all kinds of flower crowns you can imagine, for anyone and everyone.

Besides, who said only you can be a flower queen or king? How about your little fluffy friends as well? 

Could you even imagine your car with a flower crown on top? Because we do!  

Watch Rachel showing step-by-step how to create this elegant flower crown. 

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