Popular Wedding Styles

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When they’re planning their wedding, couples run the gamut from knowing exactly what they want down to the last detail to having only a vague sense of the overall feeling they’d like the day to have. What they all have in common, however, is wanting their ceremony and reception to accurately express who they are as a couple. Many couples pick an overarching theme that appeals to them to help guide their choice of a venue, décor, and clothing.

Some popular styles are:

English garden: The peaceful atmosphere and luxurious flowers of a traditional English garden are the perfect inspiration for a wedding. This style usually incorporates gentle hues, much like in a watercolor, and lends itself to including vintage pieces. While classic English flowers like roses and peonies are naturals for this theme, they can be artfully combined with smaller blooms and textured greenery for arrangements that look like they were plucked right from the garden.

Popular wedding styles - Rachel Cho

Boho chic: The eclectic look of boho chic blends romantic ease with elements of nature—think flowy dresses and combinations of mixed flowers that play up contrasts of textures and colors. Many boho chic weddings include wildflowers, trailing greenery, and homemade crafts. The watchword of this theme is variety, so it’s a great choice for those whose personal style isn’t constrained by traditional categories.

popular wedding styles- rachel cho

Black-tie elegant: A formal wedding is timeless and sophisticated. The vibe of this aesthetic is “less is more,” so décor will be sleek, color palettes well defined (perhaps even monochromatic), and every detail in place. Centerpieces and bouquets may include flowers like calla lilies or orchids for their subtle, sculptural forms. This theme works perfectly for couples seeking a modern feel to their wedding.

Popular wedding styles - Rachel Cho

Tropical chic: A wedding doesn’t have to be on the beach to evoke the romance and relaxation of the islands. Juxtaposing colorful flowers in a mix of bold hues along with glossy tropical foliage against a backdrop of pale neutrals is a perfect way to capture that seaside ambiance. Dress for this type of wedding tends to be more relaxed for guests, with a casual, fun-loving feel to the event.

Vintage romantic: It may seem counterintuitive, but going with a vintage theme is a clever way to avoid wedding styles that may end up seeming dated or too trendy. Some vintage weddings focus on a specific decade for inspiration, while others simply incorporate classic styles and delicate details that evoke the charm of days gone by, such as lace and pearls. Flowers like ranunculus or anemones can help provide a general vintage feel, as can cascading arrangement styles.

Popular wedding styles  - rachel cho

Floral design based on broad themes such as these can be personalized in countless different ways, depending on a couple’s preferences in colors and flowers, the best picks of the season, and the types of arrangements and embellishments chosen to suit the features of their venue. Rachel Cho collaborates closely with her clients, combining their vision with her expertise to produce fresh, vibrant, personalized designs. To schedule a consultation, contact us today.

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