Sweetheart Table Centerpieces for a Spring Wedding

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At many modern weddings, the bride and groom opt to sit at a sweetheart table during the reception, rather than placing their entire wedding party at an imposing head table. Wedding couples can find this to be an attractive choice for different reasons. Their wedding party might be made up of a mix of family and friends, possibly from many different geographic locations, who don’t have much in common besides their association with the happy couple. Freeing them from a head table allows them to sit with the wedding guests they know best. A sweetheart table also gives the couple a chance to retreat from the excitement of mingling with the crowd to steal a moment or two together to share their joy, and perhaps even grab a bite to eat.

Because this space is one-of-a-kind, and a focal point of your reception space, it’s a great opportunity to have a special centerpiece. It should coordinate with the overall floral design for your reception, but also should stand out as unique in its own special way. This can mean different shades of the types of flowers used in the rest of your centerpieces, a different mix of those types of flowers, or the same types of flowers arranged in different ways. A spring wedding gives you a delightful mix of seasonal blooms to choose from in a wide palette of different shades.

Because the sweetheart table is set up with the wedding couple facing their guests—so they can see and be seen—take care to keep your centerpiece low enough to see over. This can mean having a low vase that coordinates with the rest of your floral arrangements, or perhaps a garland draped across the front of the table. You can also choose to make the bride’s bouquet a part of the sweetheart table décor by providing a vase where it can rest when she is not carrying it.

As with any wedding floral design, a sweetheart table arrangement can be as understated or dramatic as you like. For a springtime wedding, flowering branches laid along the front of the table could evoke the season gracefully, pairing the texture of the branches with the airy, ephemeral simplicity of the blossoms. Or combine peonies, garden roses, lilacs, and tulips along the edge of your table for a romantic vibe. Greenery can cascade over the sides of your table or down the front, and you can add votive candles for an enchanting glow.

Your florist can help you decide what arrangement of sweetheart table flowers best fits your style. Keep in mind that this will be where you’ll be forming memories of your first moments of married life together, so you’ll want it to be truly special. Their expertise will guide you to the freshest seasonal blooms, head-turning floral combinations, and remarkable design options.

At Rachel Cho Floral Design, we delight in turning our clients’ wedding visions into a beautiful reality. From our first design consultation until the last bloom is in place, you’ll enjoy attentive, collaborative customer service along with the best in high-quality flowers and inspired design. To find out how we can help with all your floral needs, contact us today.


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