The Benefits of Office Plants

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Urban professionals may spend far more than the typical nine-to-five in the office. Smart companies don’t take this time commitment for granted—they look at ways that they can make their office environment better for their employees to promote well-being and productivity. When you’re looking for ways to improve your workspace, adding plants is a simple fix with powerful physical and psychological benefits. Here’s what science tells us about what having some nature indoors can do for us:

Improving the quality of indoor air: Indoor spaces, especially those with windows that don’t open, can experience a buildup of airborne chemicals like VOCs (volatile organic compounds, often given off by paints and building materials). A 1980s study by NASA determined that indoor plants could help remove these chemicals from the air. In addition, indoor air can feel dry or stuffy from artificial climate control. Plants naturally have a gently humidifying effect on the air around them, as moisture evaporates from their leaves. A study from the Agricultural University of Norway showed having plants in indoor spaces helped alleviate symptoms like sore throats, dry coughs, and headaches that can be caused by dry air.

Giving your brain a boost: A host of studies have shown that having plants around isn’t just a matter of making your environment prettier. Texas A&M conducted a study that showed that having plants and flowers in the workspace improved creativity and problem-solving. Another study by the University of Exeter showed that workplace plants also boosted productivity and concentration. Thus, adding plants to your office décor can make your staff’s time at work more effective.

Helping your mood: Recent studies have shown that interacting with indoor plants helps to reduce stress and anxiety. A Washington State University study also showed that subjects completing a computer task in an environment where plants were present had lower blood pressure than when no plants were present. A workplace environment is likely to have a certain amount of stress due to deadlines and performance pressure—soothing plants can help lower that stress.

Of course, to derive the most benefit from having plants in your office, you’ll need to select varieties that are adapted to thrive indoors. Some popular office plants are peace lilies, snake plant, Boston fern, philodendron, jade plant, and bamboo palm. A knowledgeable florist can help you select plants that coordinate beautifully with your existing office style, are sized appropriately for the space you have available, and that will grow healthy and vibrant. They can also teach you proper care for your office plants and provide ongoing consultation services as needed to keep your display looking fresh.

At Rachel Cho Floral Design, we work with professional clients every day to provide top-notch service and eye-catching natural plant and flower displays. Whether you are interested in live plants for your office, an ongoing floral subscription, or an event design for a luncheon or gala, we can craft the unique look you’re after. Contact us today for help with all your floral needs.

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