A wedding is probably one of the most important and beautiful moments for every couple. It’s the beginning of their new life together, a life full of love, passion, faithfulness, and lots of memories. The very special moment, and all the ones that have passed, are celebrated every year during a wedding anniversary. 

Each year of married life has its own meaning and emotions. And that is why each has its own special flower to express, honor, and celebrate those sentiments. Besides, flowers have always been related to the celebration of love and romance.

1st Anniversary: Carnations

The first year of marriage is the most exciting one for newly married couples. It’s the time to celebrate their longlasting future together and their commitment to each other for the years to come. And no other flower is more suitable to celebrate this special time than carnation. It’s the ultimate symbol of young and passionate love and embodies joy, sweetness and optimism. Carnations come in a wide variety of colors, so you can choose the ones that best represent your love. For example, white carnations represent pure and innocent love, while red ones represent admiration.

Product suggestions featuring carnations: Pink Baby, Sunset, Orange You Nice, Sunnyside

2nd Anniversary: Cosmos

During the second year of marriage, couples transition to a deeper understanding of each other. They move from a simple young romance to a more mature idea of marriage and their future together. They also start to grow, both together and individually. Cosmos can successfully capture this transition. Its intense beauty symbolizes the even greater and unique love that has been developed during those two years of marriage.  

3rd Anniversary: Sunflowers

No flower is more suitable to celebrate a couple’s 3rd year of marriage than the sunflower. Its sturdy stem represents the strong foundation that has been developed over the years, its vibrant yellow petals embody the intense love and passion, and the way it always turns to the sun symbolizes all the difficulties and challenges that have passed, as well as the loyalty and trust to the bright and exciting future that’s coming.

4th Anniversary: Geraniums

This is an exciting year of marriage since by now couples have deeply realized their roles as partners. They’ve found ways to feel comfortable with each other, and have completely come together in mind, body, and soul. That is exactly what Geraniums represent. The comforting beauty of a deeper and complete understanding of a couple, their ever-growing love, and the more great surprises that lie ahead.

5th Anniversary: Daisies

As simple as they might be, beautiful daisies are quite symbolic flowers by structure. Their center represents the strong bond and the shared experiences of the couple, while the delicate petals coming out from the center are the sign of how the two people expand and grow together during those years. Daisies are known to represent faithfulness, hope, purity, gentleness and eternal love.

10th Anniversary: Daffodils

Ten years is a very long time, and by now couples have created many wonderful memories. If you think of each one of them individually they may seem small, but if you combine them you have a wonderful and lush life together. That’s exactly the case with daffodils. As simple as they may seem individually, when you put them all together, along with other blooms or not, they create a massive bouquet that represents the bright light of your love.

15th Anniversary: Roses

Fifteen years together is quite an important event. By that time couples have experienced both good and bad times. They’ve been through a lot together, yet their love still remains strong and passionate. And what better choice for this special moment than the ultimate symbol of romance: roses. Those splendid and exquisite flowers represent the magic of love and passion, and are the perfect messengers of the hope that no matter the circumstances love still remains.

Product suggestions featuring roses: Classic Red, Orchid & Rose, Creamsicle, Friends, Sweetness

20th Anniversary: Aster

During two decades of life together, couples have learned a lot about each other. And Asters are the best choice to celebrate this knowledge. These sophisticated and elegant flowers represent the beauty and the sweet memory of the wisdom and knowledge you’ve gained all those years. It is believed to be a sign of good fortune and a talisman of love. In fact, during the ancient times, people thought asters had magical properties as well.

25th Anniversary: Iris

Commitment, faith, wisdom, hope are all traits of a long and happy marriage that Iris combines. This stunning vibrant flower is a symbol of elegance, sophistication and strength, representing that the couple is still standing strong through all these years no matter what comes in their way. It is also believed to express the spirit, aura, and love of Paris, one of the most romantic cities in the world.

30th Anniversary: Lily

Having spent thirty years together is an important milestone. The two of you have experienced so many things together, probably started a family, and as you’ve aged, grown and changed so has your marriage too. So it’s that time when you take a step back and look at all those things you’ve accomplished during those thirty years. The sweet lily represents exactly this beauty, devotion, and sweet reflection of the past. With so many choices in colors and shapes, a beautiful bouquet of lilies sends the message that the passion and adventure of the very first years of married life are still there.

40th Anniversary: Gladiolas

This anniversary has so many years to recall, and gladiolas are the perfect fit for the occasion. As unique and luminous as the couple’s life together after so many years, gladiolas signify this great collection of beautiful memories and experiences. They express infatuation and liveliness. Also, they let the other person know that after so many years they still “pierce your heart”, as its name derives from the Latin word gladius, which means “sword”.

50th Anniversary: Yellow Roses & Violets

This is probably the most important anniversary of all, as it’s almost a lifetime together. And that’s exactly why just one flower is not enough to honor this special moment. Traditionally, yellow roses and violets are known to be the official flower gift of this anniversary, and they look amazing together. The colors of the two charming flowers are as complementary as the two loved ones. The bright and lush yellow-roses signify the brightness and beauty of a long-lasting marriage, while violets represent the modesty, faithfulness, and commitment of this sweet union.

Products featuring yellow roses: Friends

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