The Best Succulents for Your Office

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There’s no question that having live plants in your office is a great idea — where better to bring the stress-reducing benefits of plants than to the space where you spend a good chunk of your time working hard? However, offices can represent one of the most challenging environments in which to try to keep a plant healthy. Dry air, low light, and limited time to tend to a plant’s care can leave you with a sad-looking office garden that is more guilt-inducing than morale-boosting.

This is why succulents have become such a popular option for office plants. They combine traits that make them perfect for indoor spaces, because they have evolved to go a long time between waterings and can adapt to low-light situations. They’re often slow-growing as well, so you don’t have to worry about them overgrowing their space or needing repotting. 

Here are some hardy varieties that are well-suited for the office:

Bird’s nest: This small succulent grows well in fluorescent light. Its variegated leaves grow in a rosette shape, and it typically grows to about seven inches high.

Dwarf jade: Also called Elephant Bush, this succulent has small round glossy green leaves on red stems. While it can grow up to fifteen feet tall outdoors, inside its growth is limited to six to eight inches. It grows well in dish gardens and looks attractive grouped with other types of succulents.

Jade plant: Among the most well-known succulents, jade plants have woody stems and shiny oval-shaped leaves that make them look like miniature trees. Like other succulents, they need soil that drains thoroughly to prevent root rot. Over time, jade plants can become top-heavy, so be sure to plant them in a sturdy pot.

Aloe: Perhaps best known for their medicinal uses, aloes also make lovely medium-sized office plants. Their thick leaves are edged with spines, so they should probably be placed where passersby are unlikely to brush against them. They’re extremely drought resistant, so they’ll only need watering about every other week.

Snake plant: Another medium-sized succulent is the snake plant, which is almost legendary for its ability to tolerate neglect and poor conditions. Its sword-like leaves give it a striking appearance, and it’s also known for helping to improve indoor air quality.

Zebra plant: This petite succulent gets its name from the white stripes on its pointed leaves. Zebra plants are slow-growing, reaching full size at around five to six inches tall, making them perfect for spots where space is at a premium.

If you’re looking for succulents to spruce up your office or to give as a gift, Rachel Cho Floral Design makes it easy to choose the perfect selection. We offer handcrafted, low-maintenance arrangements in a variety of containers, featuring an attractive mix of plants that juxtapose colors and textures for stunning visual appeal. Our passion for inspired design is matched only by our dedication to top-notch customer service. Contact us today for help with all your floral needs, large or small. 

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