The Guy’s Guide to a Great Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day will be here soon, and it’s no secret that many guys view this upcoming romantic holiday with dread. All the hype about creating a perfect surprise for your sweetheart can leave you feeling like the pressure is on, and that a single wrong move will wreck the entire day. Really, though, showing that special someone in your life how much you care isn’t mission impossible. If you stick to a few simple principles, then the magic ingredient that makes any Valentine’s Day unforgettable—genuine thoughtfulness—will happen naturally. Here’s what to do:

Plan ahead: This is not a holiday to wing it. Restaurants book up well in advance, and a popular florist probably won’t be able to accommodate your day-of request for her favorite flowers. Don’t be stuck making the best of what’s available. Take some time now to figure out your plan and book or order anything that can be arranged ahead of time.

It doesn’t (all) have to be a surprise: Giving her an idea of what to expect without necessarily spilling every detail can be a good way to set your date up for success. Want to pick her up from work and take her straight to her favorite restaurant for dinner? Letting her know that you’ll be going out right from the office will give her an opportunity to prepare accordingly and anticipate your time together.

Know her tastes: Traditional Valentine’s Day gifts and outings are a great inspiration, but they shouldn’t be treated like an inflexible recipe. Dinner, flowers, sweets, gifts—there’s a lot of room for personalized interpretation in this basic formula. This is your opportunity to show that you see and know what that special woman in your life likes. Red roses may be the most common flower given on Valentine’s Day, but a bouquet featuring her favorite flowers or a unique arrangement hand-crafted by a local florist lets her know you went the extra mile to think about her preferences. If she’d rather not dress up and go out to a crowded restaurant after a long day of work, gift her some luxe slippers and loungewear and invite her to put her feet up while you fix a nice dinner at home (or order in, if you doubt your culinary skills). Your guide should be what she likes.

Practical is not the opposite of romantic: It sounds romantic to show up with a big bouquet to present in person, but in reality, having your flowers professionally delivered is an opportunity as well as a convenience. You prolong her enjoyment of the holiday as well as inspiring her to think about you when you’re not there. Better yet, you can arrange for her to get the flowers at a time and place where it isn’t inconvenient to deal with them. (Lugging around a bouquet during a night on the town is a lot more glamorous in theory than it is in reality.) Sending that customized arrangement in advance is the ultimate in showing off how well you can plan ahead and how thoughtful you can be.

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