Wedding Decorations with Flowers

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Wedding decorations with flowers never go out of style. Here is why you should be choosing floral decorations for your wedding, for a timeless setting.

What’s great about floral decorations both for your ceremony and reception is that you can adjust them to match every style: whether you are dreaming of a vintage and romantic, a classic and minimal, or a luxury wedding, there are ways to incorporate flowers into your decor to create the perfect setting. 


Almost everywhere on the planet, weddings are frosted with blossoms. This is not only because blooms are pretty, but because they are a way to express feelings as well. For hundreds of years, floriography (the “language of flowers”) has been used as a secret means of communication.

Gifts of blooms, plants, and specific floral arrangements were used to send a coded message to the recipient, allowing the sender to express feelings which could not be spoken aloud. Isn’t this SO romantic?

Reading about the meaning of flowers and discussing it with your florist can add so much more meaning to your wedding. A secret communication between you and your significant other, for expressing your love on many levels.



We think of marriage as a link. A beautiful link between two people, who love each other deeply and want to spend their lives together. Well, this link can also be visible through your wedding decorations and how everything matches.

Carefully selected flowers can be used to create a plethora of wedding decorations: from the bridal bouquet to boutonnieres and corsages, from hanging installations to artistic centerpieces, and from catering to wedding cake decorations, flowers can be used as a link not only between you and your spouse, but also between you and your guests.

Blossoms can be the missing link bringing everything together, making the setting so elegant and pleasing to the eye, with minimum effort.



Blossoms add happiness, romance, and joy to the wedding day, while keeping both your ceremony and reception chic and minimal.

You can never really go wrong with flowers! Well, no, scratch that – you can. This is why you should always choose a professional florist whose work you admire and trust, so the outcome is as charming as you have imagined it! 

But never underestimate the power of your floral decor. A carefully arranged bouquet, or a beautifully decorated venue will put a smile to your face every time you go through your wedding photos or share them on social media.



After discussing the possible ways you could be using for creating this chic and timeless aesthetic for your wedding by choosing flowers as your go-to decorations, here’s another reason you may have not thought of: wedding decorations with a twist! 

You may have seen photos upon photos upon photos of bridal bouquets and arches, but there are so many more unexpected ways you could be incorporating blossoms in your wedding decorations to stand out!

To name a few, you could go with garlands, flower fountains and backdrops, hanging pomanders, unexpected pairings (including fruits!) and flower crowns, that would leave your guests speechless.

To make this happen, make sure you choose a professional with experience and impeccable design taste, that will suggest what’s best for you, so your wedding ceremony and reception are what you’ve dreamed and more.


Here are 6 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Florist.

To find out how we can help with all your floral needs, contact us today.

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