08May 2019

How to Choose the Right Wedding Bouquet


Your wedding bouquet will be one of the most prominent elements of your floral design not only at your wedding, but also in the pictures that will capture your special day, so getting it right is important. Of course, “right” is not a one-size-fits all proposition—just as every wedding is different, what makes a perfect wedding bouquet is uniquely individual to each bride. Here are the factors you should consider for your ideal bouquet:

The dress should come first: The primary element your bridal bouquet needs to harmonize with is your dress, both in color and style. Having this selected first will help your florist make recommendations as to the type of bouquet that will look best with your dress and specific flowers you might want to consider. Bring pictures to your consultation, and if you have a swatch of fabric, that will be particularly useful in ensuring that the flowers chosen look exquisite next to your gown.

It’s not just about the flowers: Of course the flowers you choose are a vital element of your bouquet, but the size and shape of the bouquet are equally important in creating a stunning impact. The size of the bouquet should be in proportion, meaning it should neither overwhelm you and your gown, nor look insignificant in comparison. There are many shapes to consider as well—a traditional cascade, a posy with wrapped stems, or a dramatic presentation bouquet, to name a few—each of which create a different sense of style. Some lend themselves better to formal affairs, while others will better suit a ceremony with a more casual vibe.

Do some research: You may not be a floral expert, but everyone knows what they like. Browse online and start getting a sense of what kinds of flowers and styles grab your eye. We highly recommend Pinterest as an easy tool for gathering ideas. Chances are, as you start putting together the things that have caught your interest, themes of style and color will start to emerge as if by magic.

Let the season be your guide: The most vibrant and hearty blooms available will be those naturally in season around the time of your wedding. The bonus is that they are likely to be more affordable than flowers that have to be imported. You should also take your venue and wedding plans into consideration—if your ceremony is going to be outdoors, for example, your bouquet should be sturdy enough to stand up to likely weather conditions and still look beautiful. This is an area where a knowledgeable florist will be an invaluable resource.

The key to creating a wedding bouquet that captures the essence of your style, as well as an overall floral design that creates the perfect backdrop for your wedding, is to work with an experienced florist. At Rachel Cho Floral Design, our mission is to put our expertise to work in realizing your vision. From the first design consultation to the moment you take your first step down the aisle, we work with you to provide inspired design, premium blooms, and attentive customer service. To schedule a design consultation, contact us today.

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