Who is your hero?

Heroes are everywhere. All it takes to change someone’s life is simple acts of kindness, courage, and love. Think about the person who makes you happy. The nurse who took care of you when you were sick. Your children’s teacher. Your parent that makes sacrifices for your happiness. 

A gift of flowers from us

We want to bring joy to the heroes that live among us, making this world a better place. So go ahead, let us know who is the hero in your life and we’ll surprise one of them each month with flowers!

You will see your story published here

My nephew Michael Dee Quinn

Michael is like a son to me. He has grown to be a kind, compassionate and gentle human being who…
My friend and Mentor Andy Maston

My friend and Mentor Andy Maston

When we were traveling before the pandemic, he assured me that we would be OK. We managed to get back…
My husband, Michael Block

My husband, Michael Block

He works harder than anyone I know. He does not stop. Just like that old mailman cmpaign, nothing stops him.…

Alyssa Coccaria

She is the head Dr. at Coney Island . NY emergency room. She has helped countless patients with Coronavirus because…
My dog, Bertie

My dog, Bertie

He puts a smile on my face every day!

My son

I love you
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