How to Make Your Own Boutonniere

How to Make Your Own Boutonniere
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Wearing a boutonniere is usually associated with special events like a wedding or other formal occasions. A florist’s boutonniere for such an event may be quite elaborate, giving the impression that they’re difficult to create. However, once upon a time, men routinely wore flowers on their lapels. It’s not as hard as you might think to put together a classic, streamlined version of a boutonniere. And why should men have all the fun? A boutonniere can be the perfect accessory for a woman to pin to a favorite cardigan or blazer. This video shows how to create a simple boutonniere whenever you’d like (or when you need one on short notice!), in just a few minutes.

Before you get started, you’ll need the following materials:

  • One stem of spray roses
  • Fine-gauge floral wire, cut into a few six-inch lengths
  • Green floral tape
  • Wire cutters
  • Narrow straw
  • Boutonniere pins

Floral wire, floral tape, and boutonniere pins are all readily available in craft stores or online.

Once you have your materials gathered, follow these steps:

1. Choose two blooms from your stem of spray roses. Cut each one so that approximately one inch of stem remains below the blossom.

2. Insert a piece of floral wire through the base of the first flower below the bud and push through for a couple of inches. Bend the wire down on each side and wrap the wire around itself to form a “stem.” Repeat with the second flower.

3. Stretch the end of the floral tape slightly to activate its adhesive quality. Then wrap the tape around the stem of one flower, starting at the base and stretching as you go, to cover the wire for about three inches. Repeat with the second flower.

4. Bend the wire on one of the flowers just at the point where the natural stem ends, so that the blossom is at a slight angle to the stem. Nestle this flower under the other flower with the stems held together, to create a vertically stacked arrangement.

5. Use the floral tape to join the stems, wrapping around them both to hold the flowers in position.

6. Cut the joined stem to a length of about two inches, making sure to trim off all exposed wire. Smooth the floral tape over the end of the wire stem.

7. Wrap the end of the tape-wrapped wire stem around the narrow straw to finish off the bottom in a neat curlicue.

8. Pin the boutonniere on and enjoy!

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