When you want your retail space to entice potential customers in the door and invite them to stay, browse, and buy, an attractive and thoughtful storefront design is critical. Rachel Cho Floral Design can help you cut through the visual noise of the city with individually designed and hand-crafted floral arrangements and installations tailored to your business’s brand and aesthetic. Fresh flowers and live plants create an atmosphere of beauty, luxury, and calm that enhances your customers’ shopping experience. Rachel Cho works closely with you to design displays that make the most of your space and which establish the atmosphere you desire, from lushly opulent to elegantly minimalistic.

Professional Expertise, Impeccable Service, Unique Retail Designs

As New York’s top professional florist, Rachel Cho Floral Design has the experience you need to create and maintain a distinctively welcoming space for your store or boutique. We carefully select from the best flowers and plants of every season to ensure that the color, texture, and scale of every element of your design harmonizes for the ideal visual impact. Our design consultants consider every inch of your space, from the front shop window to the checkout desk, to create a holistic look that exemplifies your brand. From roses and orchids to air plants and succulents, we put together fresh and exciting combinations to appeal to you and your customers.


Rachel Cho Floral Design is your source for cutting-edge design and attentive individualized service. We’re passionate about helping your business look its best. To put our knowledge and passion to work for you, call us today at (212) 877-2877.