7 Unique Ways to Use Flowers in Your Wedding

Rachel Cho Flowers | Floral Designer | chuppah
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Flowers are a traditional part of wedding décor, but the last thing you want is for your floral design to feel uninspired. One way to add a jolt of creativity is to look for unique takes on flowers, whether that means moving beyond traditional types of arrangements or incorporating unusual flowers or greenery into bouquets or centerpieces. Here are some ideas for making your wedding flowers truly unusual:

1. Nontraditional plants and greenery:

Pairing something surprising, such as an air plant, with more familiar favorites can give a bouquet or arrangement a head-turning zing. Protea, succulents, and artichokes are all possibilities for bringing unusual color, texture, and forms into your design.

2. Hanging arrangements:

Whether your wedding is indoors or out, you can expand your options for enhancing the setting with flowers by looking up. Outdoors, suspend pomanders from the trees to define your space and add a touch of romance. Indoors, adorn hanging light fixtures with flowers or suspend a hanging arrangement over your ceremony space where the vows are exchanged. If you have a high-ceilinged venue, this can look particularly dramatic.

3. Reverse flower crown:

Flower crowns are a flattering favorite with many brides, but some may feel they are best suited for a boho or romantic theme. A crown that places the dramatic embellishment at the back rather than the front can be paired beautifully with a modern gown as well, however, by leaving the front sleek and minimalistic

4. Floating floral pieces:

If your venue has a fountain, pond, or pool, floating floral arrangements can be a lovely way to enhance the features of the spot you’ve chosen. For an evening event, consider adding floating candles as well to enhance the romantic ambiance.

5. Ombre arrangements:

Instead of mixing your color palette within each arrangement, consider an ombre pattern for a strikingly modern effect. Ombre features a gradation of color within each bouquet or centerpiece and is particularly powerful when used with a single type of flower, such as roses, in varying shades.

6. Topiaries and indoor trees:

Weather and location may not always permit an outdoor wedding, but you can invite the soothing sense of the outdoors in by adding topiaries adorned with flowers or potted trees such as ficus. Use the branches to hang string lights or floral decorations for added charm.

7. Garlands:

Greenery or floral garlands can serve a two-fold purpose in your wedding’s floral design—adding lushness and enhancing (or perhaps disguising!) structural elements in your space, such as tent poles and struts or stair rails and columns.

At Rachel Cho Flowers, we put our expertise to work to realize your vision. Every wedding we design starts with a personal consultation so we can craft an individualized style just for you. To get started turning your dream into reality, contact us today.

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