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zoom wedding | rachel cho

How to plan a zoom wedding

The covid-19 pandemic has forced a new lifestyle in most- if not all- aspects of our lives. A major impact hit the soon-to-be-married couples who

wedding decorations rachel cho

Wedding Decorations with Flowers

Wedding decorations with flowers never go out of style. Here is why you should be choosing floral decorations for your wedding, for a timeless setting.

Rachel Cho Flowers | Floral Designer | wedding couple

Wedding Flower Trends to Expect in 2020

Flowers have been a part of wedding celebrations all around the world since antiquity. However, how those flowers are chosen and styled changes constantly through

Rachel Cho Flowers | Floral Designer | spring bridal bouquet

7 Types of Flower Bouquets

Floral design isn’t simply about choosing the type and color of flowers you want. How those flowers are combined and arranged produces a dramatic difference

Rachel Cho Flowers | Floral Designer | bridal shower

5 Tips for a Smooth Bridal Shower

When you have a close friend or beloved family member who’s just announced that she’s getting married, the enthusiasm of helping her celebrate and honoring

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